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Oct 9, 2002
Boulder, CO
pink_swoosh.png south_beach.png

Forgive the super fast/shitty photoshop. I'm not sure which color to paint the swoosh. Might do black on the outer and pink on the inner side of each shoe.


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Oct 9, 2002
Boulder, CO

@FBI-SS told me not to do the tongue but I like the south beach vibes.

imho darker looks better that way you can swap any lace for the pop
you do a pink swoosh it’s gonna limit matching lace options COLOR GOD

Meh, these will stick with pink. It's too good. Still might do the black swoosh tho. I'll sleep on it and think about it


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Oct 9, 2002
Boulder, CO
i mean it’s sucks but they’re used shoes. if the pictures do then justice he gonna have to suck it up. also idk why but all of his twitters posts annoy tf out of me lol

Because you’re only semi functional as a human. Dude is a bro.

I don’t know who TF thinks cigarette smelling shit is “good condition.” Saw a SS of the GOAT listing, I’d argue that the smell nukes the “good” condition.

I’ve asked for a refund on GFs who smelled like cigarettes, sure as hell going to ask for a refund on shoes.
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RIP OT Yard Sale
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Oct 11, 2005
Orange County, NY

Shoe smells like the circus circus? Too bad.

The Gibson sb’s I got were extremely clean, but they stunk like a fucking ash tray. I had to keep them away from my other shit and use a sneaker deodorant to air them out

They’re fine now, but I legit kept them in my office bathroom with the exhaust fan on for a few weeks

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