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Dec 7, 2000
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• Code name Spartacus

• Available on PS4 and PS5

• Launch expected in the spring

• Service will merge Sony’s two existing subscription plans PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now

• Plans to retain the PlayStation Plus branding but phase out PlayStation Now

• Pay a monthly fee for access to a catalog of modern and classic games with three tiers

• Tier 1 include existing PlayStation Plus benefits

• Tier 2 offers a large catalog of PS4 and, eventually, PS5 games

• Tier 3 adds extended demos, game streaming and a library of classic PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games

Is this a real thing, or just some speculation?


how I love to waste your time
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Feb 28, 2002
I want to buy ps5 ghost of tsushima but im not paying anywhere near the $50 end of year sale price


how I love to waste your time
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Feb 28, 2002
I mean, to be fair I've seen some incredibly specific and detailed internet rumors over the years that turned out to be nothing but smoke.
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how I love to waste your time
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Feb 28, 2002
I doubt anyone looking at the game (even the PS4 version running through BC) would ever think it looks dated or "last gen", but fair enough.
Yea like I said it could be the greatest thing in the world, but ill enjoy it more for less.

Just picked up far cry 6 for $30, ill probably play that and then buy the destiny 2 expansion and gran turismo by the time I'm done with those it should be priced exactly where I want it.


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Jan 16, 2012
Actually, assuming there's enough people on the service, I guess it could be. The thing we don't know is how much they're paying out in overhead costs and royalties or whatever to the 3rd parties whose games are available on the service. I'm sure big AAA publishers aren't going to let their games be available on there without substantial reimbursement from MS. But with 20-30 million subscribers at $10 a month, you're talking $200-300mil monthly. That seems like it could be enough to fund several big first party games yearly.

One thing Phil Spencer said too is that people who subscribe to game pass actually start buying more games than they did before. Something about them becoming more engaged with Xbox in general

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