ok men. as per request, i found a kegels regimen

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    it is out of the book:

    "how to make love all night (and drive a woman wild) by Dr. Barbara Keesling

    its ch. 4 the complete pc work out here we go straight copy n paste
    The Complete PC Workout
    I'm a big believer in foreplay, but enough is enough. It's time
    to get started. In this chapter you are going to learn the first set
    of simple exercises that will set the stage for taking control of
    your sexuality the way you have always imagined. Mastering them is
    the crucial first step on the path to a lifetime of pleasure and
    power as a multiorgasmic male. The following three exercises are the
    most important exercises in the book. Please take them very
    seriously. It is important to take your time, follow my instructions
    carefully, and try to be very thorough.
    Unlike many of the exercises that follow, this first set of
    exercises is most easily accomplished on your own. If you have a
    partner who is waiting to work with you, let her know you'll be
    ready for her soon. You just need to prepare a few things. This
    should heighten her anticipation and make her all the more
    enthusiastic when it's time for her to join in.
    So . . . let the games begin. Enjoy yourself! And don't forget:
    PC power is ultimate power.

    Exercise 1: Hide and Seek
    The very first thing you need to do is find your PC muscle. For
    some men this is very simple-you probably knew where to find it the
    moment I mentioned it. You may even be squeezing it right now.
    But many men are completely unfamiliar with the muscles in this
    area of the body. All of the individual muscles close to the groin​

    buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and PC-may feel the same. They might all
    feel like one big muscle mass. That needs to change right now. Here
    is the simplest way to find your PC muscle and isolate it from all
    the others.
    First, gently place one or two fingers right behind your
    testicles. Pretend that you are urinating. Now try to stop the flow.
    That muscle you just used to turn off the flow from the bladder is
    your PC muscle. Did you feel it tightening? Maybe you also noticed
    that your penis and testicles "jumped" a little when you flexed your
    It is very important that your stomach muscles and thigh
    muscles remain relaxed. Did they get tense too? Try again. This time
    focus just on the PC.

    TROUBLESHOOTING TIP; You are not trying to get an erection here, and
    you do not need an erection to exercise the PC. So relax, and let
    your penis respond naturally to these exercises.

    Exercise 2: Squeeze Play (three to five minutes a day)
    Now that you've found your PC muscle, here is your next
    exercise: Three times a day, flex the PC twenty times. Hold it for
    one or two seconds each time, then release. That's it. Twenty
    squeezes, three times a day. I know it sounds simple, but words
    cannot express how important this exercise is.
    You do not need to keep your finger on the PC during these
    exercises. You should be able to feel it move internally. If you
    don't, or if you're not sure, then keep your finger on the PC the
    first few times you do your exercises.
    Breathe normally during this exercise. Like any other musclebuilding
    exercise, proper breathing is always important. You don't
    want to hold your breath.
    I want you to repeat this exercise three times a day, every
    day, for three weeks. A consistent exercise regimen is the most
    effective way to maximize the strengthening of your PC muscle in the
    shortest amount of time. And it's worth every moment.
    I know this sounds like a commercial, but these PC exercises
    are easy and can be done anywhere-in the car, at the beach, or while
    sitting at your desk. Many men tell me that half the fun of prepping
    is being able to do it in broad daylight in front of city hall with
    no fear of being arrested for indecent exposure! Okay, I'm
    exaggerating. But men do tell me that prepping the PC is a lot of
    Now that you've isolated your PC muscle and learned how to
    squeeze, you might want to take your act on the road. Do you ride
    the bus to work? A perfect opportunity. Long line at the bank? Why
    not. Having lunch alone? Not anymore. Of course, you may prefer to
    keep your exercise regimen safe at home, but you have many options.​

    These exercises are not hard, but there are two common mistakes
    men make when they start these exercises that you need to be aware
    of before we go any further:

    MISTAKE 1: Doing too many reps. I know you're feeling very
    enthusiastic right now, but there is such a thing as overdoing it.
    The PC muscle can get sore like any other muscle. You may have
    already discovered this on your own. Go slow at first, as you would
    when you start any other exercise for the first time, and let the
    muscle build. You can pour it on later.

    MISTAKE 2: Failing to isolate the PC. The PC is a small group of
    muscles, which need to be isolated from the many larger muscles
    close by during your exercises. As I said before, it is important
    that your stomach, upper thighs, and buttocks are all completely
    relaxed when you are working out the PC. They should not be moving.
    Are you having difficulty isolating the PC from other muscles?
    Many men have this problem when they try these exercises for the
    first time. Not to worry. If you can't stop yourself from tensing
    other muscles during your PC exercises, you simply need to exhaust
    these muscles first so they don't interfere with your new exercise
    Let's say you have a tendency to tense your stomach muscles
    during your PC workout. What you need to do is tense and untense
    your stomach muscles at least ten or twenty times before you begin
    your PC exercises. That should tire them out enough so they don't
    get in the way. The same applies for buttock, thigh, and groin
    muscles. If you have to work these muscles really hard before you
    get to work on your PC, that's okay. Do thirty or forty reps if
    twenty isn't enough. This may sound like a lot of work, but you're
    not going to have to do this for the rest of your life-just for a
    couple of days.
    Once you have really isolated your PC, your muscle "confusion"
    should dissolve, leaving you free to devote your full attention to
    working the program. With that in mind, let us now return to our
    regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

    Exercise 3: The Big Squeeze (two to three minutes a day)
    Have you done your reps three times a day for the last three
    weeks? Good. Now you're ready to learn what I call "The Big Squeeze"
    (a.k.a. "The Power Squeeze" or "The Death Grip"). I want you to keep
    doing your twenty quick squeezes, three times a day. But now you're
    going to add ten really slow squeezes. This is what you do. Take
    five seconds to slowly squeeze your PC as tight as you can. Now hold
    the tension for a full five seconds, if possible. Finally, release​
    the tension gradually over the next five seconds. You should be able
    to feel yourself really working the muscle.
    This might be a bit difficult at first. You may only be able to
    do one or two fifteen-second squeezes before you tire. That's okay.
    But try to eventually work up to ten full repetitions, each taking
    ten to fifteen seconds. It may take you a few days, or even a few
    weeks, to get there. That's okay. It's more important that you don't
    push yourself too hard. You're not training to be an American
    Gladiator. Just enjoy the process and keep squeezing.

    Meet Early and Meet Often
    The PC workout is like any other workout. The harder you work,
    the faster and more impressive the results. The great thing about
    the PC is that, unlike some muscles, it responds so quickly to being
    exercised. No matter how intense or casual your workout is, you
    won't have to spend months and months before you notice a
    difference, As you will soon see, the PC workout brings immediate
    gratification. Still, you need to be thorough.
    There are several steps to becoming multiorgasmic, but building
    up the PC is the crucial first step. Don't give it short shrift.
    There are no deadlines here, no clocks to punch, and no boss to
    report to. The most important thing is to get the job done. Are you
    one of those people who takes the new VCR out of the box and tries
    to make it work without reading a single page of the instruction
    manual? I'm the same way. But this kind of attitude simply won't
    work when it comes to mastering the techniques for male multiple
    My grandmother used to say to me, "You can't run in the
    Olympics until you've learned to tie your sneakers." Listen to
    grandma. Take it one step at a time and take your time on every
    step. You'll be at the finish line before you know it, being hugged
    by your biggest fan. Meanwhile, that will give us some time to talk
    a little bit more about the miracle of male multiple orgasm.​
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    You know, I just realized that I've been subconsciously doing this exercise all the time :eek3:
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    I feel like I'm gonna get some sort of cancer from doing that

  4. Abomb

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    cancer from exercising a muscle?

    give me a break :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for this mate :big grin: I beleive i asked for this in another thread, much apreachiated.
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    the streets
    thanks :cool:

    too bad i've had to quit doing mine because of a pinched nerve :wtc:
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    does this really work?
  8. StopDrop&LOL

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    anyone ever do these?
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    I remember asking if anyone had a regimen in another thread, as well. Thanks for posting this.
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    i've been doing them on and off for a few weeks, but i just noticed i work my butt muscle's. trying to keep everything relaxed is tough.
  11. Falconer

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    Your butt muscles like your glutes, or your butt muscles like your sphincter? Cuz when you flex that muscle, it will also contract your sphincter. Don't worry about that. But if your glutes are flexing, too, then you need to relax.
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    been doing this sort of thing for years. It's definitely worth it.

    Nice to see it laid out in a plan though. Might be time to get back on the horse. :)
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    oh... then i'm doing it right. :)


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