OK, so I'm building my first chevy 350 engine with my little brother

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by quakefiend420, Jan 15, 2008.

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    and turns out a head is cracked, it has 462624 heads on it, which, after a little research, seem to be crap anyway...so now we're trying to decide how we should be building this motor...i'd like it to be reliable, but still have a decent amount of power...

    no boost is planned
    block is undecked so far as i know, has been bored .060 over
    we haven't gotten into tearing the bottom end down yet, that comes tomorrow...
    already have an edelbrock performer intake and 1406 600cfm carb that's almost brand new
    accel distributor that's also almost brand new

    i'd like to use as much of what i already have as possible, although i realize i may end up replacing something

    we have no idea what the cam is yet, or the pistons or anything else on the bottom end, just that they're flat-tops with valve indentions

    if you were given a budget of 1K "or so" for parts(don't include stuff like plugs, fluids, gaskets etc...small stuff), what would you do with this motor for the best mix of reliability and performance?

    is a port and polish on the intake and heads feasible for a couple guys that aren't idiots that have a dremel and know how to use it? or should we just forget about it, because i don't think at this level it will justify the cost of having it done...
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