FRK Ok what the hell is going on?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by BrokenHalo, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. BrokenHalo

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    Nov 25, 2003
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    I just want to know what is happening with all the picture threads...

    well wait, let me restate that.. what is happening with all the girl pic threads? I know why one was closed... a little indescretion about some asshat asking for pics... which we all know is a BIG NO NO. But what happened with the one that is only demon's post and locked? Why are they all getting shut down? And why the hell haven't the guys threads been shut down yet, aside from the fact that people haven't been demanding pics (i HAVE seen a few posts in there asking for some... yet it doesn't get shut down)
    Now, piss a mod off or not, I have to say it. This is bullshit. I think we need a little moderator discretion. No offense, but this fucking place has gotten out of control! We have mods closing shit left and right, we have people asking questions and getting yelled at... I mean, what the fuck? Its getting to the point where I don't even want to come in here anymore because its just a bunch of horseshit, and people arguing over what should and should not be allowed. So what gives?
    I know we're trying to keep good fellowship, follow the rules, and get along, but I don't think we're accomplishing anything but shutting down every fucking girl pic thread. ESPECIALLY when the person starting the thread has posted pics herself.. and isn't asking for others to post their pics. Its OPTIONAL here people. So whats the biggie?
  2. Demon Of Dreams

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    Dec 27, 2001
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    people can't follow rules, plain and simple... when i reopened the thread with the pictures only, i said keep it clean, no bullshit this time around.

    the following posts contained NOTHING but the exact same shit i had locked the thread for in the first place. wasn't just "some asshat" ... it was quite a few of them, same ones who go into the male threads with " :ugh: " and the likes.

    as for closing things left and right? i see two threads on the first page that have a lock, two for good reasons.

    One, because I felt the need to end one thread
    Two, because Natas felt the need to close the asking what happened.
    and Three, this one, because if you have a problem, PM us, don't make the public thread asking "WHY WHY WHY"
    if you need to know, ASK IN A PM, thats what they're there for.

    want out of control?
    let there be a freeforall, let people start posting links to websites, and porn and shit like that
    let all the leghumpers come into the threads and be there simply because they can.

    there was a point where I was thinking, hey, no pic threads for awhile will start keeping the crap out of FS so eventually there can be some good pic threads again.

    know what I got?
    a 25 page thread with hardly 2 pages worth of posts, 3 pages of decent conversation, and 20 pages of fucking leghumping, insults, arguing and pic requests.

    sorry but I pruned the crap out of the thread for the first time in hopes that maybe, just maybe, people would wise up and contribute more to the positive, instead of just acting like stupid drooling nimwits looking for some nudity

    they're not all being shut down... it was the same thread, just less crap.
    had people been able to simply follow that, it would have stayed up.

    problems? questions?
    send me a pm.
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