Old deck died - Alpine 7894 or wait for 2003 models (9813)?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jm9239, Feb 20, 2003.

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    my kenwood 9017 just took a major shit. at first, half of the display got fucked up and started acting weird, and now the thing will only auto flip up and down, but won't even turn on. i've heard that they had some problems with a ribbon on kenwood decks from this era.

    soooooo i need a new head unit asap. i have <= $400 to spend, and want something with good sound qual, build qual, features and mp3 capability. i've been trying to decide between alpine, pioneer, sony and kenwood...

    i have many friends with pioneers and have never been a fan of their sound quality, sound tweaking capability or physical controls.

    I used to like sony back in the day, but they seem to be low on features and have absolutely TERRIBLE control layouts. who the f wants to use a remote 100% of the time or have to flip the face over just to make frequent adjustments?

    after this experience, i'm leary of buying another kenwood and am not really impressed with any of their 2002-3 decks. never been impressed with their sound qual either...

    so that leaves alpine (or any other suggestions). i need something soon and have been comparing their 2002 model 7894 (60x4, mp3, etc), their 2003 9813 (60x4, mp3, etc) and the 2003 9807 (50x4, mp3, etc).

    anyways, what are everybodies thoughts on those models and this situation? how much difference is there between their 60W x 4 V-Drive Hybrid Amplifier decks and their regular 50x4's? are there any specific reasons to wait for the new 2003 models (new features, etc)?

    and lastly, has anybody purchased from www.onlinestereo.com ?

    link to alpine's new lineup: http://www.alpine1.com/html/D2_n_1_n_n.html
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    i'd deffinately wait, i'll probably be going with the CDA-9815 personally when we get them in.

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