old monitor need help getting it working

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by zero xeal, Feb 23, 2004.

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    HP monitor with bnc connectors, need help

    i have a old but super nice hewlet packard A2094A (21 incher using bnc connectors) despite it being old, there super nice for running a *nix on for a console to display random shit,

    mine will most likely be used to display info on a router comp.

    im pretty sure i know what i need to do wich would be, buy 5 bnc connectors and get resisters and solder the resisters on so that it terminates.

    but id rather ask so i didnt fuck it up since they still get for 200 bucks on ebay.

    i got it from a friend who got it from a friend who bought like 300 of em for 20 a pop in the city a few years ago and ebayed most of them.

    for those unfamilar with bnc connecters, you can chain monitors and have them all display the same thing, wich can be super useful in some situations.
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    i'd like to know this as well myself as I might be picking up one of these monitors

    i've also read that you don't need to terminate those monitors, that as long as you hook up the input the output won't matter. idk though.
  3. zero xeal

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    yea gotta terminate the output,

    in short who knows how to make your own BNC termintors because they cost to much.

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