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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 04, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. 04

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    I told some people I would reformat their old 266mhz P2. Unfortunatly it seems that even though there is an option in the bios (Gigabyte 440BX slot 1 motherboard) to boot directly from the cd rom, this does not work. The drive is a Creative labs ATAPI dvdrom. I tried to boot it up with a startup disc, and then install the creative drivers to no avail. It won't even use the oakcdrom.sys :wtf:

    I switched the Creative out for an old smart and friendly cd-burner and it had no problems and is re-installing win98 right now :confused:

    Does Creative's older optical drives have poor compatibility to the oakcdrom generic driver or something?
  2. Rob

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    Creative. :ugh:

    If I remember correctly some drives don't support booting off a CD. Maybe that was the case.
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    I had a creative that required the SB card to control it. I wouldn't worry too much about it - a floppy drive will resolve future issues.
  4. 04

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    well another thing is, the creative drive wouldnt boot off a windows xp cd either :wtf:
  5. wax

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    Just take the hard drive out of that computer and slap it in a new computer. Then get the setup started, once it reboots take the hard drive out and put it back in the old computer :big grin: Problem Solved ;)
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    I was just recently messing with a Pentium machine that had the Boot from CD-ROM option in the bios but wouldn't do it, so I stuck the DVD-ROM I had laying around from when I got a DVD-Burner, and it booted up just fine. The old drive was even a Lite-On, I guess all drives go bad eventually.

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