Once I turn my computer off, it won't come back on...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Socrates, Sep 6, 2009.

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    ...for at least an hour.

    I recently had the problem of my computer shutting itself off after being on for a few minutes. I fixed it by blowing the large amounts of dust that was clogging every fan in the computer.

    I used a can of spray air and cleaned out the fans on my video card, processor, and opened up my power supply and cleaned it out. Everything seems to be pretty clean now. That fixed the problem of it randomly shutting off after being on for a few minutes.

    Still, when I have my computer on for a little while then shut it off, it won't start back up. It will sound like it's making attempt to start up. The fans will start moving, but then after about 2 seconds, it all powers back down.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Could be any number of things. PSU dying but not completely dead or mobo doing the same. I've had both happen to me at different times and for both the end result was that sooner or later it died.

    For the PSU it would shut down because I had a 6800GS card, basically put a card that required a connection directly from the PSU. When I swapped it for a 5700LE that I had, which doesn't require the extra power, everything seemed to be ok which originally made me believe there was something wrong with the 6800. That was until I had the same problem with the 5700.

    For the mobo it was just simply put at times it would work and other times it wouldn't until finally nothing. Turns out a capacitor finally blew out.

    Start with a PSU and see what you get. If it works, then hey there ya go. If not then no biggie just return it and get a new mobo. Of course if neither work then I have no idea.

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