SRS One of the worst nights ever I think.


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Oct 23, 2006
I don't kno whow to start this out. I will try it like this. Sorry about the grammar and everything else just have a lot running through my head and I need to get this off my chest.

So i have been seeing this girl for awhile and everything has been good. Sol i think. She says this and says that and I do believe her cuz we have had a past together.

Well here is the deal. She was suppose to be in class tonight and I was out hanging out with some friends and I we were just hanging out and I saw her vechile over by someone elses house. So I text her and all i get back in a message is "whats wrong hun?". I don't know if she cheating or if shes just hanging out.

I dont know how to bring it up to her or anything like that.....

Please someone help me with this I dont know what to do.

Like I said sorry if something is spelled wrong or if something doesnt make sense. I just need to get this off as fast as I can and this was the easiest way and the fastest!



worst night ever?

:hsugh: bro chill out. Find out who lives there first. If it's a dude, then ask the girl about it.


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Oct 15, 2002
Don't jump to conclusions bro.

We have all been hurt. I know what is like. We think the worse immediately.

She might have just been visiting her girlfriends.

Tell her what you seen. Ask her if she can invite you over there some time.

I mean, yes it is painful if things fuck up. But everything passes.

Don't jump to conclusions, but then again, if things fuck up, it is as it is, and you shouldn't feel terrible for something that was not meant to be from the beginning.


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Sep 1, 2006
this really shouldn't be such a hard situation man. You saw your girls car somewhere where it was supposed to be....Ask her about it. Doesn't matter if it was a day, 2 days, a wek ago. Say "something's been bugging me..." and tell her what you saw and ask her if that was really her car? If so immediately say "well why weren't you at class?" etc. You can't stress until you know the facts, and you haven't gotten them.


If this was your worst night ever I suggest you get your life in order.

Plus, if the girl IS cheating on you and you just found out, this is the best night ever because now you know you can dump the worthless whore and move on.

Why is it guys attach their happiness to girls so much? It's as if they cannot be happy unless they are with that person. Dude, this is one reason why so many people go through life unhappy and depressed. They don't have the self confidence to realize that happiness comes from you and you alone. If someone else does something like this to you, it doesn't ruin your happiness, it causes you to be pissed off that you wasted your valuable time with someone not worthy of you. Then you end it and start over by finding someone who wouldn't do this sort of thing.


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Nov 26, 2004
If you know it was her car I would be like "So how was class last nite?" She'll either say that class was good or that she didn't go, and then you can decide from there how you should handle the situation.


"Individuality is the new conformity"
Oct 23, 2006
I guess.. now that i sit here and read this...I dont know even know why i posted this.

I went to dinner with a buddy from high school and did have a couple to drink and I think that had a big affect on why I was saying this stuff. Im all cool now. thanks tho


i was just being stupid

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