Onkyo TXNR801 THX Select 7.1 Receiver

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by georgie, May 27, 2004.

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    I see no problems with it.

    What speakers are you planning on using?
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    I would personally cut your reciever budget in half and spend 400 more on the speakers. You should be able to get into the Reference line for that much more.

    Are you using this for a stereo only setup? If so, I really dont reccomend buying a reciever like that then, I would buy a stereo reciever, or even an integrated amp.
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    Yeah, the reason why I am buying the Synergy Series is because that's the only one they sell at Best Buy. I work there part-time, and the discount is about 1/2 off. It's the best speaker that they sell there. Ultimate Electronics has the Reference line, but I would have to pay full price, which I can't afford.

    It is going to be a Home Theatre set-up. My budget for everything is around $1,800, and hopefully I can spend less somehow. 04 - any suggestions outside the Onkyo/Synergy set-up I'm looking at? I would like the 7.1 because of future expandability options, so that's why I like the Onkyo. But I dunno...this is my first big home stereo/theatre purchase ever...and I'm just going on what I've learned in the past month of research...

    Thanks so much for your pointers too...!
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    Ah ok I see. Yeah the Synergy Series would work fine, have you compared them to the Athena or JBL speakers you sell? You may prefer the sound of one over the other, so listening to as many speakers before purchase is a good idea IMO.

    Well if your total budget is 1800 dollars, I wouldnt reccomend buying a 1000 dollar reciever. I would probably budget around 300 on the reicever (you should still be able to get an excellent receiver for that price). Then I would spend whatever else you feel necessary on the other speakers. Its understandable that you would want a 7.1 reciever for future upgrades, but IMO it isnt really necesary for small rooms. Even in the future. now, if you have like a 30' x 20' listening room, then yeah, a 7.1 setup would make a lot more sense. Sure it cant hurt, but having 8 speakers in a small room is getting pretty overkill IMO :)

    At any rate I would budget around this range:
    300 on reciever
    500 on mains
    250 on Center
    100 on surrounds
    400 (or more depending on how much bass you want/need)

    That should still leave you quite a bit below 1800 dollars.

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