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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by me4prez, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. me4prez

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    (excuse my english, i dont really use the language too often in real life.)

    i just thought of something really stupid... i promise, its really stupid and retarted... and it should propably have been placed in the computers & sofware forums, but here we go...

    is it possible to make a government based national state ONLINE?
    it would almost be like a web-based rpg or something. except that it is a WHOLE FRIGGIN NATION!! with democracy and elections and the whole shazzam... (and a small amount of hope, for those who'd like to be dictators once in theire lifetime.. but we wont mention that)

    it would of course be hard to gain any land area (that arent made out of bandwith), and its capitol would propably be a friggin internet forum (with arcade games!! haha), and im really not sure how the economics and businesses would work out... but it would propably be something really stupid too...

    so stupid that it could actually work.

    but im really just wondering you know... thank you!
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  2. CrimsonVonDoom

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    On the damn roof
    that's an interesting concept. oh, and your english is impeccable.
  3. TFunkadelic

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    Land area would be dealt with in bandwidth, not pixels.
  4. me4prez

    me4prez Guest

    thank you.. i had to look up impeccable in a dictionary tho:rofl:

    yes it propably would.. im glad you could correct that:) thanks


    any other thoughts? could it work if enough people put in the effort? ?
  5. cavok

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    Dec 25, 2006
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    There is something close to what you're describing called NationStates. It's not quite as elaborate as what you're describing but if you want to be a online dictator it may be your best bet.

    You can also check out the Wikipedia entry for more info.

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