Only a Stereo Expert can help...

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by GisMo, May 24, 2002.

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    I have a stereo mini digital out on ym soundcard...It is NOT optical the only other Digital cable is Coaxial. Is there some sort of digital Mini to coax adapter so i can have 5.1 surround from my computer going into the coax on my reciever..???
    I was at Sound Advice and they have never heard of digital mini except optical...
    Thanks In Advance..
  2. 04

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    That would convert the coaxial signal to optical. What it sounds like you are wanting though is to change the miniplug digital output to coaxial. If so I believe you can use a normal 1/8 inch monoplug (dont quote me on this one u might need a stereo, I dont have a SB) to RCA connector. That SHOULD work. I would advise contacting creative labs before you do anything first. I really dislike their Idea of using a propietary connector on their soundcards. I do not know of any other manufactoreres that do that, others have coaxial or opitcal output like my soyo dragon MOBO's integrated CMEDIA sound.

    Your best bet is to call them and tell them specifically what you want to do. They should be able to fix your problem.
  3. caddymac

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    Re: Re: Only a Stereo Expert can help...

    You are joking, right? That is way too much for a simple little solution.
  4. 04

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    Re: Re: Re: Only a Stereo Expert can help...

    Calling Creative is too much??? How would you go about fixing the problem? I dont know if the digital out port is mono, stereo, or 3 channel, mabe more, so I thought he might call creative to find out for sure.
  5. caddymac

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    No, that's a good idea, but that convertor box was a bit too much. Should have had him look in his manual or online first.

    If your soundcard is like mine a simple mini to RCA will work great.

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