GUN Only cops can be trusted with firearms :hsughno:

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    Police officer killed, another wounded in domestic dispute

    Associated Press - June 4, 2007 3:15 AM ET

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - A Memphis police officer was shot to death and another officer was wounded in a domestic dispute.

    Shelby County deputies responded yesterday morning to a call of a shooting at a female police officer's home east of Memphis.

    Police say 27-year-old police officer Jeremy Kyle kicked down the door of the home of his ex-girlfriend, police officer Teresita Watson, also 27.

    Watson told detectives Kyle pointed a gun at her and another man who was with her, Justin Davis.

    Police said Davis shot the police officer in the chest and he died on the scene.

    The female officer was wounded when a bullet grazed her stomach as she was attempting to disarm Kyle. She was treated and released from the hospital yesterday.

    According to police, the two officers had a relationship that had recently ended.

    It wasn't the first time that police were called to the home.

    In April, deputies responded after the couple got into an argument. No one was arrested or cited in that incident.

    No charges have been filed against Davis for the shooting.
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    I completely misread that first.
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    last week same kinda thing happened out here..local cop lives up the street from my friend and had been battling with his friend awoke to 6 gunshots and no more dog howling...the cop got mad at his wife and shot the family dog to death in the back yard..... but he's a cop so he didn't get in any trouble.


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