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    Have any of you developed them? If so what tools did you use? Finally if so could you help an ontology newb out? Problem statement below

    To begin with lets assume I have a class


    object has a few properties

    object_id a string
    object_name a string
    object_node_id a string
    object_associations a list of objects

    Now lets assume I have object.owl
    This is an rdf list of objects with the given properties and each object has an rdf list of associations

    I want to create an ontology which specifies whether or not two objects are associated. So given either the id, name, or node_id of two objects, and the object.owl it should find the entry for the first object in the list, and check to see if the objects association list contains an entry of the second objects property(id name etc...whatever was given).

    I'm somewhat unsure of how to go about doing this. Given the class object and it's properties I can generate object.owl as defined, but how should I go about developing this ontology?

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