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    Hello, i need some help with understand what to do on some coursework, as i dont really have a clue..

    The module is called Ontologies, in computer science.

    The question is:

    Ontology development forms the foundations of the Semantic Web. Using an application domain of your own choice (one that you know well), and the generic knowledge representation formalism and methodology of Conceptual Graphs, develop an illustrative ontology of a part of the selected domain. In particular, develop the following components: type (class) and relation inheritance hierarchies, formal definitions of new types and relations, semantic constraints on types and relations: positive and negative canonical models, rules, instantiated simple and compound conceptual graphs. Show the mechanism of abstract query (projection) and of the enforcement of the semantic constraints. Explain and critically discuss every component of your ontology.

    I've never heard of an application domain, let alone know one well. I've looked on google, and wiki, but cant really put anything together that can help me as i dont know what i'm really looking for.

    Can anybody help me out, point me in the right direction or explain what an application domain is, and a good example i could use?

    You're my only hope!
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    Uh... I currently hold a BS in computer science and am starting a masters program and I have no idea what that question is asking lol...

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