Operation: 145 (or maybe 140 :noes:)

Discussion in 'MMA Training Logs' started by Mejnoon, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Looks like I'll be fighting August 15th at either 140 or 145. I haven't been training, and I am currently a very soft 160. I've dropped 5lbs in the last week just by cleaning up my diet and doing some light cardio.

    Unfortunately the gym I used to train at has closed up, and theres no good option around me where I can train everything.

    I started at a new bjj school last night and my conditioning is horrendous. On the upside, I'm stoked about the new school...it'll be my first time training under a black belt (Luis Gonzales) and I expect to step my game up dramatically.

    I'm still trying to work out the striking end of things. I know a really good muay thai coach that owes me a favor so I'm gonna try to get him to give me some privates on the days I don't have bjj. Theres a boxing gym near the bjj school that I'm thinking I may train at a couple days a week as well. My old training partners have agreed to help me out when I need it...one of them has a wrestling mat in his garage and is an awesome wrestler, so I'm definitely gonna take advantage of that opportunity. They'll spar with me too if I can't get any sparring in anywhere else.

    The next couple months are gonna be hectic but I'm very motivated. I've been trying to get a fight for a while and I'm very excited to finally have something lined up. Time to put in some work.:bigthumb:

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