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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Hades69, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. Hades69

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    THinking about buying a first bike and a co-worker suggested the GSX-R 600 i'm a little guy ~5'7" 110lbs just wondering what the general consenus is about it. handeling, acceleration, friendliness to new riders, etc. any and all input is welcome.
  2. car54

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    fun bike to ride. my freind has a 2001 model gsxr600. Its horribly uncomfortable for the long(er) rides and starts to kill your wrists after half an hour or so. I'd recommend the Honda CBR600F4I or a Kawasaki Ninja 600. all three are just as fast as the next, and the honda is more comfortable than the suzuki, and the kawasaki is FAR more comfortable than both. Plus, its much cheaper.

    The local dealer was selling 2002 gsxr600's out the door for $7900, and 2002 ninja 600's for $7100.
  3. Hades69

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    how about a yamaha YZF i'm not looking for too much speed it's my first bike and the yzf was $7K out the door.
  4. car54

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    thats a good bike too. I have nothing bad to say about any brand, other than the comfort factor. sure, the suzuki might be faster than the kawasaki, but on the street, it will NEVER matter, ands especially with a beginner, comfort is a bg plus.
  5. i'm thinking about a suzuki SV650S with twowheeljunkie's full fairing kit...
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    You can't go wrong with any of the 600 SS bikes, R6, GSXR600, F4i. However, the modern 600cc sportbikes are not "new rider friendly" at all, even the F4i. I started out on the kawasaki ninja 250 and when I got my F4i, it supprise the shit out of me with its power and handling characteristics. I'm also about your size, a bit heavier :fawk: , so I highly recomend you to get a used 250 or 500, then upgrade later. Also, take a MSF course!
  7. luckyguy19

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    I have an 02 Gixxer 600. Everyone is absolutly right, you can't go wrong with any of the current 600s. The best one all depends on how your gonna use the bike. If you want comfort, go for the Kawi or the Honda. If you want a small feeling, flickable bike then the R6 is for you. If you plan on doing some track time, or like riding hard core winding roads then the Gixxer is for you. The Gixxer is definitly the most uncomfortable, but you also have the most weight over the front tire which helps for front end feel and feedback from your tire. But if you just starting out, any of these bikes can bite hard, so take the MSF course and start out carefully.
  8. Hades69

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    Thanks i'm gonna definately going to take an MSF course and will definately take it easy. i'm not the type of person who flys down major highways at 90 doing a wheelie. plus i probably won't even take it out on the highway for a while. getting it home will be about it for a few weeks. i can easily get around using back roads and small public roads. i think i'm gonna go with the YZF i sat on a few and that was the most comfortable for me.
  9. Sexy_Sweet16

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    Its a pretty good bike.But wouldnt be good for starting off.As Vtec said a ninja 250-500 would be great to start off on.There comfy and dont put out a whole lotta power which u dont need starting off.Im gettin a bike here in the next while and im gettin the 250.then from there on who knows.Im really tiny 5 1 1/2 so its gonna be hard to find a great bike that fits right.YZF is good too.Just stick with the small power bikes and have fun on your MSF course =)happy shopping

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