Opportunity to pick up a rolled SRT4

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by vr666, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. vr666

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    I am going to an insurance auction this month... going to part out VW's instead of a part time job while going to school.

    anyway I noticed a rolled 03 SRT4 with 3,000 miles.

    the body is f'ed, but the drivetrain should be perfect. Anyone know what the demand for these are and how much I could get for a low mileage drivetrain... do these swap into older neon's?

    If I could pick it up real cheap I might.
  2. vr666

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    should have put this in the domestic section... oh well
  3. Subie Driver

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    Don't know if they'll swap into an older body, but I bet someone with the new body style wouldn't mind having an SRT4 for a standard Neon price + the cost of the swap. Cheaper insurance, I'll bet, too. Use that for a selling point ;)
  4. troglodyte

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    That engine would go well in an older coupe. That would be the people I would advertise to. Sleeper, cheaper insurance, older car with new engine is like having a new car, would be very different in the Neon community. You shouldn't have trouble selling it if you promote these benefits.
  5. GVR4

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    :cool: I wonder how clean/easy the swap would be.

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