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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Rubberducky2001, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. i've been looking for a new optical mouse and i'm stuck between two: the logitech mouseman dual optical and the logitech mx300.

    apparently, the mx300 has "mx" technology for really accurate tracking, however the mouseman dual optical has, like it says, two optical sensors for greater accuracy.

    does anyone know which is supposed to be more accurate and/or which was introduced before which?
  2. dm33186

    dm33186 Guest

    mx line is newer and is more accurate than the dual optical. Ive got the MX700 and i love it - higly reccommended :bigthumb:
  3. Kabuko

    Kabuko Guest

    I believe mx300 is better.
  4. dm33186

    dm33186 Guest

    cordless rechargeable with refresh rate of corded usb > corded usb > cordless usb
  5. thanks for the info

    dm - yeah the cordless rechargeable is pretty cool, but it's so friggin expensive.....the mx300 sounds like the one for me
  6. dm33186

    dm33186 Guest

    find a freind that works for a store on this list here
    39.95 plus shipping
  7. i got it from pcuniverse.com for ~$25 shipped, in case anyone was interested in getting one for themselves

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