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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Lord Nat, Sep 10, 2007.

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    So I have been living off this computer I got for $400 WAY back in when (late 2002) for awhile now.

    I have been taking any and all parts I have been able to get my hands on to upgrade it along with a LOT of self done windows mods to keep it in the race.

    Well I just lucked into some new upgrades from a friend that is moving and tossing out a few old computers.

    An ATI Radeon X 1600 Pro and an Celeron 2.* (He is not sure what it was).

    So all is go I go about the normal installing them all into my system.
    BUT once they are in and I boot up I get a blank screen.

    So I change back and just try them one at a time and get the same thing.

    I have NO idea why... any ideas?
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    Buy a new computer.

    Seriously, why go thru all that trouble if you can get a decent up to date computer for little amount of money? Old crap is notorious , you just keep messing with all the parts because they have old fasionate drivers,hardware and imcompatibility issues. I also spend 2 years wasting my life on how to get my graphic card to work, it was so expensive that i just couldn't bear to accept the thought that there was an incompatiblity issue between the motherboard and the ghraphic card, that no matter what driver i installed it just wouldn't work.

    Replace the X1600 video card with another video card, install.
    Then Re-install the X1600 video card with the latest drivers.

    That action might be helpfull in locating what aspect is causing the problem.
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    Try plugging the monitor into the onboard video port until you get the drivers installed for the new video card.

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