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    I just got my macbook back from a friend after an extended loan and im trying to put leopard back on it (she was running just straight XP) and im getting nothing but problems with it. Most of the time the hdd wont show up in disk utility and when it does partitioning or formatting takes forever and usually just hangs in the middle. If I can get to the install screeen it just hangs while preparing the disk and then fails and says to restart.

    So far i've tried....
    Using tiger install dics
    A new copy of leopard
    Booting off an external cd drive
    An ubuntu live cd to check the hdd out...(was able to partition/format fine, badblocks/fsck showed nothing wrong, installed ubuntu to it just fine, zeroed out the entire drive)

    So it seems like the hdd is fine since windows ran perfectly on it before and i was able to run ubuntu with no problems but as soon as the mac install discs try anything with it they choke. By luck I got it to start the install with the tiger disc.....it ran for about 10 hours and wasnt even halfway done when it finally failed.

    I dont really know macs in depth so any advice would be appreciated.

    edit: forgot specs...
    2ghz c2d macbook
    2gb ram
    160gb hdd
    combo drive
    ~1 year old
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