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    I’m looking for a program for my work computer that will log what things are accessed on it. It needs to tell me what time things are done at as well. I’m trying to catch my part time guys screwing around on it. I know they do, but since they need it to write work orders after I’m gone I can’t just lock the thing up.
    I'm not talking about the internet (they don't have my password) Just files & other stuff. Or trying to get on the net with someone elses logon.
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    There are plenty of programs like that out. I have a copy of Opus Starr laying around here somewhere.

    The program logs everything, from keystrokes, applications ran, web pages visited, instant messaging programs, times, dates, and even can make screen shots every X amount of minutes. After you stop the program from recording, it outputs all the information into a html page so you can view it from your browser locally. Pretty damn handy, and pretty configurable.

    You can find Starr around on a lot of the popular P2P file-sharing programs.

    Disclaimer: I don't necessarily condone the sharing of copywritten material nor using it to spy on users on a machine..
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    I have to agree with datacomguy. I am not normally in the snooping business so I dont have any app's off hand to do that. But what he described sounded fine...

    Of note, you might want to run that program as a service, as to make it a bit less conspicuous.

    Good luck
    I do not either condone the usage of services which allow users to bipass copyrights in order and effect of gaining software.
    riaa sucks

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