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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Enigma, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Enigma

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    I'm trying to find a decent 5.1 set for around $400. Any ideas of a good set I should get? I want something that will sound real good (obviously) mainly for movies, but also for listening to some music occasionally.

    I have a Kenwood VR-405 receiver that does DD but no DTS. I think DD will be fine for now and I should probably just spend this $400 on speakers, then upgrade to a better receiver on down the road. Thoughts?

    I've never really bought any nice stuff for home audio so I'm not sure exactly what brands are the best right now, etc.


    BTW, I'm not really expecting to get like top of the line stuff here.. I just want to get the best set $400 will buy. :x:

    (posted the same thing in OT but not getting much response :))
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  2. 04

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    Yeah I would definatly put that 400 dollars towards the speakers.

    You dont plan on upgrading in the future either right?

    I would really suggest the same thing Chris3g suggested in the main forum. Spend as much money as you can on 2 stereo speakers then spend the remaining on some rears.

    A quality stereo setup with two inexpensive surrounds is much better than a cheap 5.1 set IMO.

    And you said you will be listening to music too, right? For that you will want a high quality pair of stereo speakers, as all the information is played through them.
  3. Enigma

    Enigma Guest

    Well with a $400 budget I would definately plan on upgrading in the future, or adding more equipment in the future.

    Thanks for the info. I think I really need more money to do this with than the $400 we've allowed for. I may just wait a bit and save up a bit more for this.

    And yea, I want it mainly for movies but of course I will be wanting to listen to music through it sometimes as well. But one of those like Sony 5.1 sets for $499 or whatever wouldn't really be too good?

    Since you live in Tulsa I'll have to see/hear your setup sometime. :eek3:
  4. John

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    There are maybe a few surround scenes in every movie.... Spend that 400 on the main left and right or front three. And perhaps get towers to provide some low extension.

    For bookshelves www.av123.com and www.ascendaudio.com are my faves. Towers?? I guess klipsch. I have the ELT from av123 and am really impressed

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