OT mechanics: diagnose my misfire

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by edd91, Jun 13, 2005.

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    It misfires at low RPMS(at idle too), its overcome at higher RPM's, if you rev it to say 3k and take the foot right off the accelerator, it will drop down to idle and do a louder misfire
    my guess is one of the cylinders isnt firing properly, atleast when its not under load

    the plugs are all new, if i pull a wire while its running it wont be affected, by any of them. When I do pull one of the wires, the solenoid sparks a bit, visible sparks, is that normal?

    The distributor *looks* ok, with the cover removed too, a tiny bit of rust but thats it

    any ideas? or ways I can diagnose without paying someone to use an oscilloscope or however you spell it

    its an 1983 mazda 626
    carby, 4 cyl

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