OT motor gurus, need input on cam specs

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by mds2004, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Alright well first here is my list of modifications to the engine and exhaust:
    2.5" dual Dynomax Bullet exhaust
    Magnaflow X Pipe
    Nelson Tune
    Thorley headers
    Comp Cam's cam (mild 206/212 at .050, .480/.488, 112 LSA)
    Comp Cam's roller rockers
    Comp Cam's roller lifters
    Eagle 383ci cast steel stoker crankshaft
    Eagle SIR rods
    Speed Pro hypereutectic pistons
    Static 9.9:1 compression ratio

    I just purchased a new cam which is sitting in my room. The specs are 218/224 @ .050 with 113LSA.

    Ok, well here is the question: The cam is advertised at .570 .565 lift with the 1.6 rocker arms. Currently I have 1.52 rocker arms installed which would would put it at .542 .537 lift. I have my heads at the machine shop now porting the exhaust side and making the heads accept the lift for the 1.6 and also installing the new springs, etc. Would .028 .028 make much of a difference? If so, I would be willing to spend the extra money for true 1.6 roller rockers as right now I only have 1.52 roller tip rocker arms. But if there will not be much of a difference I will not buy them.

    Thanks in advance, Mark.

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