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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ProdigyDub, Feb 16, 2005.

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    I for some reason, from this computer, cannot access anything off of a server that I help operate.

    That is, none of the domains hosted on the server respond. When I ping one of the hosted domains by their hostnames, it says it cannot resolve it.

    Here's the part that makes it interesting: I'm the only one this happens to. My roommates computer (on the same connection as mine) can access all these sites fine. So can everyone else I asked.

    I have turned off all firewalls, I don't have anything like PeerGuardian running. I even tried going into Safe Mode w/ Networking to try and the hosts didn't respond there.

    To summarize, here is what works and what doesnt' at this point

    -Connecting to the servers main IP through IE (explicitly using its IP and not its hostname)
    -Pinging/traceroute/whatever on the server by its IP
    -Connecting to ftp of individual accounts via the format of http://server ip./~user
    -Connecting to the server through one of its nameservers (http://ns1.pointblankweb.com).

    Doesn't work:
    -Connecting to the server through its main domain (http://www.pointblankweb.com)
    -Connecting to the server through any of the other domains which direct to hosted content on the server
    -Connecting to ftp of individual accounts via http://www.domainnameofaccount.com

    Any ideas? It's REALLY important that I fix this soon.
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