OT ruins everything. *Cringe level OVER 9000*


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Jan 2, 2002
Reign has found a place for himself over on Xerq. It's the weirdest thing :rofl:

He's got a cult following of weird Xerq kids who are super impressed that Reign has had sex before :rofl:

does he? I don't think I've seen anyone say nice things about him. Only shit I've seen is people pushing his buttons non stop. :rofl:


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Mar 31, 2005
Calgary, AB
Guessing parody.

In the event that's it's not. You're getting mad at people who have their "perfect woman" right at their finger tips. Just a few searches and one virgin can find their physical soul mate, so to speak. So why settle looking at an older woman with bolt ons? "Fuck that shit," they say, and decide to roast the poster.

On the other hand, which would make this site a shit ton better, would be to appreciate the fact that OP did what he did and came back to the forum to provide some original content with pics to boot. OP is contributing more to this forum than bs WYHI threads, reddit 2nd hand material, reposts etc...

In the end I agree with OP
in the end, you're an idiot


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Jul 9, 2005
What in speaking of is a thread I made earlier today and deleted.

You virgin pathetic faggots are so critical because you've watched so much porn you can't appreciate anything real. More so what I'm speaking of is the advanced in age lady that I'm banging, who finally let me have the closest thing to a nude, of which you'll never get again. She texted me pics of her fake tits and instead of posting them, I deleted my original thread after reading your hypocritical virgin replies.

I can honestly say, because I've had her legs wrapped around me head pushing me into her snatch; a good 1/2-3/4 of you would probably cut off your left testical to sleep with this 44 year old pharmacist, with 36dd fakers, and a high rep squatters ass; but fuck you. Go jerk it to your porn stars instead of living vicariously through people who actually get laid....

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