OT tell me what you think of the last few bands I've worked with.

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by MAD PUNK inDC, Mar 4, 2007.

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    the machine
    Each one of these bands has music you can download or listen to on myspace. These are the last several bands I have setup a show, or ran sound for. These might not be everybodys genre of music, but they are some of the best in my opinion, and I always look forward to working with them. Give me some feedback on what you think.

    The Official

    What I would call the hardest rocking band in DC, this never cease three piece put out a sound that is a great combination of old punk and new. Not only that, but they are great guys to get your sauce on with, and will do a show for you at the last minute. Sadly this month is the last time JC will be on drums, he's made it up the ranks to special forces. Gradulations man, but you will be missed.

    51 Peg

    It's very rare to hear a vocalist who sounds as good in person as he does on the CD. Not only that but when that guitar played through twinn Mesa dual recs comes on, it's something the CD does not do justice. This local industrial rock band made it to the national scene but never forgot where home is. Again another great group to work with, that seems more conceared with having a good time, and playing a good show rather than being rock stars.


    Singing in both english and spanish, they are a true blend of DC's immigrant and underground music cultures meeting head on and producting something that everybody can enjoy. These guys are a crackup when they play too, with CrazyHorse sometimes dropping to the ground and playing guitar on his back in true 80s cheese metal style.

    20 For 7

    Okay, these guys caught me completely off guard. After being at the soundboard for Bodog Battle of the Bands, and hearing hours of SHIT music, 20 for 7 takes the stage. Holy shit, these guys came on and I felt like it was funk/R&B club cira 1983! If ONLY music like this were more popular insted of the bullshit hip hop we have. Seriously impressed the hell out of me, with vocals in perfect harmonic sync, a drummer who used to play punk, and guitarists who can play hard, to soft and back again.
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    Awesome shit dude. I liked Machetres the most, followed by 20 for 7. 51 Peg sounded pretty cool, not really my style. And the Official was good, but wouldn't be something id listen to often, but id love to see a show.

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