OTer Faceman's boat just signaled for an air rescue

Johnny Fever

Destroyer of Clucks
Floriderp said:
I don't care what you think if him or his decision to do this journey with the kids, if you wish someones home to burn down (or sink in this case), you are mentally ill and should seek help.

What if you ridicule another person whose home burned down?

from what I gather, the only wrong thing he really did was to bring a sick 1 year old on a trip across an ocean. but thats a pretty big thing to get wrong.

It isn't the reason the boat was dead in the water, and according to the news, with comm problems.

What's your definition of an epic failure?

Having your screwups/poor judgement on international news sources, for one.

Oh look, Johnny fever making this a partisan political issue

Nope. Faceman did it on his SAILING forum. I just quoted him.

Motion to create subforum for this discussion.

Call it "Davy Jones' Locker"


Sunken Pleasures IMHO

Epic Fail.

The lowest of low is to kick a man while he's down.

And if you do, don't be surprised when people do it back to you.

here's Johnny Chimpo, OT's resident bringer of good fellowship

you are a hypocrite.

So after all the times you've told me to kill myself, my daughter sucks black cock, etc., you're the expert on good fellowship?

Flew to San Diego this morning. Wave to faceman!


It would be worth the price of a beer to meet you in person at a place of your choosing. I'm committed to other things until around 18:30.

Dead serial.


wait was that a legitimate offer to buy a beer or were you trying to take OT to real life and fight Nemesis IRL?


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Mar 1, 2009
West Palm Beach
Here at the airport and seeing people with their little kids. Jesus I couldn't imagine on a small boat. I now commend them for not tossing them overboard.



It was a legitimate offer to buy beer. Unlike some people, none of this shit carries over IRL with me.

You're a very strange little guy.

your daughter just had a mulatto child and you will never know about it because she has disowned you along with the rest of your family


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