MIL Our navys grand plans for our carriers when we get jsf.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Private Pyle, Jun 13, 2005.

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    Good old british navy, rules the seas and all that bollocks!

    Were getting 3 new carriers for the jsf but they have cut down the costs by not having side armour or decently built bulkheads!

    Have they not heard of the uss cole?

    The major threat now to a ship is a terrorism attack, especially on high asset target like a carrier, imagine how much al queerda would love it saying they had hit a ship like that, our jsf carriers are going to carry 36 jsf's, i despair at our mod i really do!
  2. Private Pyle

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    :rofl: at my rant, but really it does my swede in!
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    the places in between
    That is sad. But I was impressed with the Falklands armada the British threw together. I was stationed in England when Argentina invaded. It was pretty cool how they grabbed whatever cruise or cargo ships were handy and sailed off to war.
  4. Private Pyle

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    We even took the qe2, the decks were overloaded with landrovers, and thats a luxury cruiser.

    We got some cargo ships, stacked the containers up at sides and had harriers parked on them :big grin:

    I read a great story about an ex sas guy who found his old para uniform and smuggled himself onto the qe2 so he could go to war, his wife realised and turned up at the docks and got the military police to chuck him off, what a guy.
  5. Private Pyle

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    I saw there plans for the armour in airforce's monthly, they could of course be wrong, i hope so.

    Its about time our navy got some power back, projected power using carriers is the best kind of detterent, the usn have done it superbly for years with there carriers, so i love the idea of us having carriers that can carry 36 joint strike fighters.

    We will rule the waves again :big grin:

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