FRK Pain as Pleasure - Draft 2

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    Hey All,
    After deciding to continue this story, I came to the decision that I needed to refine the whole thing, with an eye towards getting it published (if anyone knows who will take submittal on this, please pm me). Any way, lets start this over again.


    My name is Justin, I am nineteen, getting ready to finish high school and move on to college to study to be an engineer. My family and I live next door to a lively, attractive lady named Angie and her husband, Mark. She is in her mid-thirties, with auburn blonde hair and athletic figure, ample breasts, trim waist and muscular ass, all of which I find extremely arousing.

    Angie and her husband come over often for pool parties and cookouts, and our family does the same. Angie and Mark do not have children because they chose not to. Angie always wears skimpy bikinis poolside, not quite a thong, but not much more. She also likes to wear black, lacy bras, often conspicuously under a white blouse. The mere sight of this delectable underwear always stirs me to an erection.

    Angie’s husband Mark owns his own business, so he is always at work. During one of our pool parties, Angie asks if I would go over and clean the pool for them. She says it would a twice-weekly chore that I would get paid for. I thought they had a pool service, but Angie says that Mark usually takes care of those things, but he is getting too busy. She says it was Mark’s idea to have me do it since I do the same thing at my home. I thought it was cool to have a paying chore outside, but I really thought it was cool that I might see Angie in her bikini on a regular basis, because it seems she is always sunning herself.

    So, I say I will come over to clean the pool after rugby practice. Rugby keeps me in good shape, even though I am smaller than just about everyone on the team.

    This day will be very different from any I have ever had before. I arrive to begin my chore and find Angie in the pool, clinging to the side, a look of frustration on her face. I ask if she was ok, and she replies that she has lost an earring and is searching for it. Angie swam to the pool ladder and climbs out, water running in little rivulets from her hair and body. I hand Angie a towel, and take the opportunity to admire her body close-up before she wraps up. I then notice that the earring she still has in is a diamond, so it will be difficult to find. Sitting on a lounge chair, Angie buries her face in her hands.

    I walk over to her and say, “Don’t worry, I’ll find it.”

    As I say this, I place my hand on Angie’s shoulder to reassure her. She does not pull away from my touch, but it feels electric to me. Angie’s skin is smooth and cool to the touch. My mind instantly wonders what the rest of her feels like. I turn and start walking to my house, making an excuse about getting a dive mask and snorkel, but really trying to hide my growing erection. When I return, Angie is not on the pool deck, so I think she must have gone inside. Just before I jump into the water to begin my search, I see Angie in the kitchen window, speaking on the phone. She sees me and gives a quick wave, and then it is in the water for me.

    I search the pool for about half an hour, moving along the bottom trying to feel for the jewelry. On my last attempt, I surface and Angie is at the poolside, offering me a glass of iced tea. I explain that I could not find it, but would start sweeping the pool and hope to find it that way. She is still wrapped in a towel; only it is around her waist. I am still in the pool as she bends down to hand me the drink, giving me a fabulous view of cleavage.

    She notices me looking and sits up, smiling. She says, “Naughty boy, what would your mother say?”

    She stands and walks to the house, making a show of swinging her hips just for me.

    I hook up the pool vacuum and start to sweep the bottom. I normally have my headphones on when I do this, jamming to my tunes and just enjoying my music. Today I don’t, so I can hear the vacuum.

    Angie put the radio on because I could hear music coming from the house. After about five minutes of sweeping, I hear a metallic sound through the hose. I immediately check the skimmer and discover the earring in the basket. I pull it out and walk to the back door of the house, still dripping wet.

    Angie answers the door, still wrapped in her towel, and squeals with delight as I present the earring. We go inside and she gives me a hug, but immediately pulls away as she makes contact with my erection.

    "Oh, did I do that?" she says with a nervous laugh.

    She looks down at my now very obvious engorgement and I mutter some kind of apology.

    "You don't have to apologize, I'm flattered," she replies, licking her red painted lips and adjusting her hair. "Can I see it?" she asks.

    My mouth drops in amazement, embarrassment, and anticipation. I nod rather uneasily and she undoes my wet trunks and drops them round my ankles. She kneels down, and my cock bobs up and down as she releases it.

    "Wow, that is a lovely cock you've got," she sighs.

    She reaches out her hand to touch it and I just explode, sending thick ropes of cum across Angie’s chest. The front of her bikini is drenched in my cum.

    To my surprise, she laughs and says, "Well, you certainly needed that!"

    I look up and she is taking off her wrap. She rolls it up and tosses it on the floor. "More washing!" she laughs. I can see the tops of her breasts brimming over bikini top.

    "Oh well, I'll have to wash this too," she says, as she notices that my cum has gotten on her top.

    She puts her hands behind her back to undo the top, but hesitates, asking, "Have you ever seen a woman's tits?"

    I shake my head ‘no’.

    "Then today's your lucky day!"

    She undoes the catch, holding the cups in place with her other arm, flicks the straps off her shoulders and then slowly lowers the cups to reveal her beautiful breasts, outlined by a sharp bronze tan line. Angie's nipples are huge and deep pink. I am dumbstruck. I then notice the delicate flower tattoo surrounding each areola.

    "Come here," she says softly, motioning to me.

    I step out of my trunks and she leads me by the hand into her bedroom. She stands by the edge of the bed.

    "Suck them, like a baby," she orders, pointing to her nipples, which are noticeably harder.

    I stand in front of her and lower my head to her chest, taking a nipple between my lips.

    "Gently," she says, "that's it. Oh yes. Now the other one. Good. Yes. Oh yes, now lick round the edge."

    She tosses her head back and moans quietly, "Do the other one again. Suck. Harder, harder. Flick it with your tongue. Ooh, that's right, yes, yes. Now run your teeth on them, yes, bite them…… harder, harder, ooooh, now suck them hard"

    She looks down and smiles as she notices my cock is rock hard again.

    "Well, that didn't take long, did it?" she says. "Do you jerk off much?”

    I look at her blankly. “Not for a long time” I reply.

    "Oh you poor baby. Here, let me take care of you."

    She sits me down on the bed, getting on her knees before me, and takes my throbbing cock in her hand. Gently at first, she rubs the shaft and then pulls the skin up to the head. As she squeezes it firmly, I notice her fingernails are painted red to match her lips. I don't know how big my cock is, but it feels enormous. I close my eyes and groan.

    "Is that nice?" she asks, smiling.

    She then proceeds to alternately rub, stroke, tug and tickle my cock, slowly, then quickly, then slowly again, loosely, firmly, softly, tightly, changing hands, taking me to the edge time and again and then stopping abruptly before patiently building me back up once more.

    She then lowers her head and wraps her red-painted lips around the head of my penis, sucking her cheeks in and enveloping my cock head in warm flesh. Waves of pleasure pulse through my body.

    "Do you like that?" she inquires.

    She takes my hand and places it on my shaft, wrapping my fingers in hers and starts to stroke in unison.

    “Come on, that's it!"

    Her breasts are bouncing in time with our strokes and my eyes are fixed on those nipples as they bounce in front of me. I can sense that wonderful feeling building inside me again.

    "Come on, cum for me! Do it, do it for me! You know you want to."

    Then, as my eyes glaze over, she calls out, "On my tits, on my tits! Cum on my tits. Come on. Cum on my nipples!”

    And cum I do, all over her breasts, in stream after stream as she continues to milk my cock dry. She flicks her tongue over the head to get the last bit of cum from my now spent cock. I gaze at the woman in front of me, mesmerized by my own cum all over those delicious nipples, dripping from them like honey from a spoon.

    She stands and walks across the room towards the dresser.

    "Come here" she says, "Pull my bikini down."

    She pauses while I get up, in bewilderment. I pull at her bikini bottom, struggling to get the damp material down over her muscular ass. She turns to pick them up, giving me a wonderful view of her exquisite cheeks.

    She sits opposite me on the dresser and leans right back.

    "I bet you've never seen one of these before," she says, and with that she spreads her legs wide and parts first her short trimmed bush and then her bulging outer lips.

    "This is my cunt," she announces, revealing the glistening pink slit.

    I have seen pictures in magazines, but to be so close, her cunt is more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined. A fleshy peak strains at its upper edge, begging for attention.

    “Come closer, I want you put your nose right here”, pointing to her clit. "This little button makes me feel as good as you just did."

    “Now make your tongue hard and pointy”.

    Intent on doing as she said, I don’t see her hand go behind my head until I feel her pulling me closer to her spread legs. My tongue makes contact with her clit.

    Gasping, she says, "Ooh yes, that feels nice. Flick my clit like your licking a sucker.”

    Taking my head away, she skims her clit with her finger, circled it a couple of times and gently flicked it. Turning to her breasts, she squeezes one nipple, still dripping with my cum, then the other, flicking that too. She tugs on them both together, stretching them as if they were indeed made of rubber. Taking my hand, she places it on her tit and starts squeezing it into the flesh. Getting the hint, I place one hand on each breast and massaged my cum into them. I get bold and squeeze her nipples as she had done, getting a smile from those luscious red lips. She then opens her labia with one hand, and with a sharp intake of breath, she pushes two fingers of the other into her vagina. She moves her fingers slowly in and out, in and out with a slurping sound. "Oh yes. Oh yes." She returns her other hand to her clit, this time rubbing harder. I stand mesmerized, a breast in each hand, looking at this goddess.

    Angie opens her eyes and smiles, “My, but you recover quickly” looking down at my again erect penis. “What shall we do about that?”

    She reaches out and gently strokes my cock, then grasps it and pulls me toward her. She raises her legs and places a foot on each of my shoulders, and continues to pull me closer. She guides my cock toward her drenched cunt, forcing me to take shuffling steps toward her. I slip a bit, sending the head of my cock against her puckered asshole.

    Gasping, she pushes back a bit and says, “You can have that hole after you master this one”, at which point the head of my cock enters her cunt and is swallowed in warmth.

    I start seeing stars; the feeling is so incredible. Angie reaches around and grasps my hips, pulling me slowly forward so that more of my shaft enters her warmth.

    After getting my full length into her, she stops, gazes into my eyes, and says, “How is that?”

    I stammer something unrecognizable and look down to where we are connected. The site of my cock in her is dizzying, but when she starts thrusting my hips back and forth, I think I’m going to faint. I spread my feet wider for better balance and start to slowly pump my cock into Angie.

    She smiles and opens her mouth, gasping for breath, and whispers, “Faster, fuck me faster”.

    I pump harder, feeling my balls slap her asshole, looking down as Angie’s eyes roll back. I am breathing harder now, sweat dripping from my forehead onto her belly. Angie starts screaming, bringing me closer to the edge. I can feel the tingling again, knowing now that I am getting ready to come again.
    Angie opens her eyes and sees the look on my face and shouts, “Come on, cum in me, cum in me”.

    That is all I need as I cum again, so hard my legs are quivering. Angie is shaking all over, moaning softly. I pull my limp dick out of her and watch the cum drip down her labia and onto her asshole. I lower her legs to floor and stumble back and sit on the bed. She runs her hand down her belly and dips a finger into her dripping cunt, then pulls it out and licks it clean. Angie gets off of the dresser and crawls on her hands and knees to me. Then she lowers her head and sucks my cock into her mouth, licking our juices from my shaft and balls. I fall back onto the bed as Angie continues to clean me. I look up and see those red lips sliding up and down my shaft. Angie rolls her eyes to meet mine, smiles and drags her teeth gently up from the base of my cock to just under the head, the sensation causing me to open my mouth and gasp in delight.

    Suddenly, she sits bolt upright and says, "You'd better go, Mark will be home soon."

    She leads me to the bathroom and washes me. I dress and leave, still seeing Angie’s naked body in my mind. Little do I know that my sexual education is just beginning.
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    round 2 *ding*
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    I'm not sure how I feel about the switch to first person :o
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    Thanks for the feedback. Some of the other comments I had from the first draft said I had a tendancy to switch tenses, so I thought switching to first person would help that.

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    I don't think it would be so distracting if it wasn't first person in the past tense. The problem i'm running into, is the fact that its an active narrative.

    First person past tense, hes talking about somthing that just happened to him.
    Third person omnipotent present tense, its being narrated by someone who can see all, and you get the pleasure of peeking in, being a voyerist.

    Its odd to read about someones actions, as they happen, from their perspective, it creates this cognitive dissonence as he is clearly occupied, but still talking. He should be involved enough he doesn't have the wherewithall to speak.
    Also, you are going to limit yourself, by making it first person, to what he can see, it makes it so you never know whats happeneing outside of his view.
    Sorry, I used to edit newsprint ;)
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    Good as ever, but i agree, if you do go with first person it does seem like you will limit to tell the story from only onr view. And with a story that describes a lot of bondage and stuff to more than one person, the more views you can use the better
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    Hey all.
    I am still in a quandary as to how to pursue this, but here is chapter two. If I decide to change it yet again, I will simply start another thread! Anyway, here is chapter two.


    Later, as I am taking out the trash, I see Angie lounging by the pool, causing me to get another erection. I go to my room and lie on my bed and stroke my cock as Angie had done with me. It doesn’t take long for the tingling to begin and I shoot my cum up to my chin.

    For the next several weeks, I stick to my pool cleaning routine. Then come home and masturbate to the mental images of her tits and cunt. I do not have any physical contact with Angie (except the occasional get together and pool chores) for almost three months.

    Angie starts coming to my house once or twice a week to have iced tea with my Mom and to just chat about things going on in the neighborhood. On the days I see her there, she always crosses and uncrosses her legs, ensuring I have a good view.

    One day, I come home from school and Angie is again in my kitchen, having tea with my Mom. Angie gives me a knowing look and runs her tongue over her painted lips, smiling all the while.

    Mom says, “Your Father and I are going away for a weekend next month to celebrate our anniversary, and Angie has said she would be glad to have you over for dinner at her house. That way you won’t starve, how does that sound?”

    Stunned, I say that would be fine, and then go to the living to start my schoolwork. From where I am, I can see Angie, again flashing me her legs. My Mom and Angie continue chatting and I become involved in my schoolwork.

    I hear my Mom say to me, “Mark is out of town for two weeks on business, would you be willing to help Angie redecorate one of the bedrooms? She will pay you for your help”.

    Twice in the span of an hour I am stunned. Keeping my composure as best I can, I say I would be glad to help redecorate and ask when we start.

    Angie says, “We’ll start tomorrow evening, after supper and schoolwork are done”. I say fine and continue my work, completely unable to concentrate.

    The next evening, I finish my schoolwork in record time, and can hardly wait for supper to be over with. As I leave, my Mom says to do the best job I can, and I promise I will, full of anticipation. I go next-door and knock, hearing Angie call for me to come in. She calls me back to the bedroom. I walk back and to my chagrin, Angie is dressed in old clothes and is ready for work, not as I had eagerly anticipated.

    She says “Good, you’re here, help me move this bed out of the way”.

    I compose myself and say, “Okay, just show me where you would like me to put it.”

    We start moving furniture, taking the bed into the spare bedroom. We then move the dresser to the center of the room. I cannot help but notice some lace sticking out from one of the drawers. Angie then says to wait there while she goes to the garage to get the paint. I cannot help myself. I open the drawer with the lace sticking out, and discovered Angie’s underwear drawer, filled with lace bras and panties and smelling of her fragrance. I run my fingers through the panties and bras, completely unaware of how much time I have been rummaging.

    Suddenly, I hear a stern voice say, “What the hell are doing? Haven’t you been told it’s rude to go through someone’s drawers?”

    Shocked, I spin around to see Angie with the paint can, an angry look on her face. “Well, I’m waiting for an explanation!”

    Stammering, I try to answer, but can’t.

    “What would your mother say now?” she says angrily.

    I can’t answer.

    “I’m waiting,” she says.

    Unable to answer, I shrug and have a sheepish look on my face.

    “Right, I will have to teach you some manners about a lady’s bedroom. Put your nose in the corner, your etiquette lessons begin now.”

    Shocked to hear Angie speak like this, I stand there, doing nothing.

    “I said put your nose in the corner! If you want to act like a child rummaging in my drawers, I will punish you like a child. Or would you rather I speak to your mother?”

    Not wanting to face the embarrassment of my mother, I turn and place my nose in the corner, feeling like a three year old being scolded. Strangely, I start feeling tingling sensations in my groin; being treated this way is exciting me!

    I hear rustling sounds and some of the furniture being moved.

    “What are you doing?” I ask.

    “Quiet. You will speak only when spoken to, do you understand?”

    I stayed quiet.

    “Do you understand?” Angie says with more force.


    “Yes what?”

    “Yes ma’am, I understand.”

    After about five minutes, she says, “Turn around”.

    I turn and behold a site that will remain with me forever. Seated with her legs crossed, in a leather chair, Angie is in a black lace bra and panties, suspender belt, stockings and four-inch high heels. Her lips are painted the same bright red as our first encounter. Across the arms of the chair sits a riding crop.

    Sweeping her hand from her head to her toes, she say, “This is one of the fringe benefits of being in a lady’s bedroom, but you have to have the proper respect for the occupant and her property, do you understand?”

    “Yes ma’am”, I say, a bit more flippant than I intend.

    “Do not speak to me in that tone of voice!”

    Bewildered, I lower the tone of my voice and say, “Yes ma’am” again.

    “That’s better, from now on you will call me ‘Madam’. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, ma, uh, Madam.”

    “Good, now remove your shirt,” she orders.

    “Yes Madam”, was all I could muster as I pull the shirt over my head, revealing my upper chest and abs.

    “Well, is that an erection I see in your trousers?” referring to the bulge in the front of my pants.

    Again, sheepishly “Yes Madam.”

    “Well, do not keep a lady waiting.”

    I unzip my pants and let them fall, and then slide my briefs down to fully expose my erect cock.

    “Now step over here and let me see you better”.

    Stepping out of my pants, I walk over and stand beside the chair.

    “In front.”

    I move in front of her. I look down and can see Angie’s breasts and cleavage created by her bra; I can also see the mound created by her cunt hair.

    Noticing my leering, she says, “It is extremely rude to gawk at places where your view is not invited, eyes forward!”

    Snapping my head up, I whisper “Yes Madam”; all the while my erection is at Angie’s eye level.

    I did not notice that Angie had grasped the riding crop, and she gave the head of my penis a sharp rap. Yelping, I pull back and cover myself.

    “Stand straight,” she says sternly.

    I straighten and say, “Yes Madam.”

    “That was for gawking.”

    She then runs the crop up the inside of my leg and across my balls, striking them in the same manner as she did the head of my cock. This time, however, I do not pull away or yelp.

    “You are a quick learner.”

    She removes the crop and says, “Oh look, I’ve made you cry,” as she sees the pre-cum forming at tip of dick.

    Angie moves her hand up and touches the underside of my cock, then wraps her hand around the whole shaft.

    Once again, I explode at her touch, sending streams of hot cum towards Angie’s face. She has her mouth open and catches every drop, then milks my penis to get even more.

    After swallowing my load and licking her lips, she says, “I thought that might happen, you still have much training to do.”

    She then sends me back to the corner. I can hear more shuffling and drawers opening. Then Angie places a leather collar around my neck, the silver chain striking my cock, causing it to stir again. I cannot believe that being mistreated by this beautiful woman is turning me on so much.

    The collar tightens around my neck, constricting, but not choking, and not uncomfortable. Angie then grabs the chain and jerks me around. She looks me up and down, and then makes a comment on my hardening dick.

    My head is spinning. Angie explains that she is training me, and that if I do not want to be here to leave now. She waits as she appraises my reaction.

    I simply say, “Yes Madam, you are training me, I do not want to leave.”

    Angie then goes on to explain that by staying, I am consenting to anything she wants to do to me. That thought causes my cock to get fully hard again.

    Angie then explains that if anything is too much for me, I was to say a word (‘Hold’), and that this word is called a safe-word, and that she will stop doing whatever it is that has caused me to say it. She also says that others may be here to help train me, and the same rules apply (consent and safe-word).

    She asks if I have any questions.

    “No Madam, no questions,” is my response.

    Her last comment is that whenever I am in this house, she is to be called ‘Madam’ and that I am to be called ‘Bone’ (because I am persistently erect in her presence).

    That being said, Madam then pulls my chain and leads me to the middle of the room, instructing me to get on all fours. She then walks around me, sizing me up. I can only see her high-heeled feet, so I start to follow her with my head.

    Placing a heel on my hand and pressing down, she yells, “What are you looking at? Eyes to the ground!”

    Madam continues to walk around me. Then she sits on my back and crosses her legs.

    “Bone, do you like being in my bedroom?”

    “Yes, Madam.”

    Turning to straddle me, facing my ass, Madam then asks, “When I invited you in, did I give you permission to look in my drawers?”

    “No, Madam”. I then feel a sharp pain as Madam takes a paddle to my left ass cheek.

    I try to move.

    “Be still. Did I give you permission to look in my drawers?”

    “No, Madam.”

    Paddle to my right cheek, tears start welling in my eyes, I fight to hold them back.

    “Then why were you there?”

    “I don’t know, Madam.”

    “Unacceptable!” as both cheeks feel the paddle.

    “Why were you there?”

    “I was curious, Madam.”

    Another set of strikes to each cheek.

    “Curious? Have you never seen a lady’s underwear?”

    “No, Madam.”


    Both cheeks get the paddle again. My ass is now on fire.

    “No, Madam.”

    Madam now rakes her nails across my sore cheeks, again causing me to jump.

    “Be still or it gets worse.”

    “Yes, Madam.”

    My cock is again raging hard, and I can feel the warmth from Madam’s cunt on my back, making it harder still.

    “Were you going to sniff my panties?”

    “Yes, Madam,” I say hoarsely.

    “What did you say?”

    Now Madam digs her fingernails into the hot flesh of my paddled ass.

    “Yes, Madam!”

    “Hmmm, I thought so,” she says.

    Madam rises off of my back and begins to circle me again. As she reaches my ass, Madam again paddles each cheek. She comes toward my head again and smacks my right nipple with the paddle, causing me to jump.

    “Do you now the meaning of ‘be still’?” she shouts.

    “Yes, Madam.”

    “Then be still!” she says as the paddle strikes my other nipple.

    Now my nipples and my ass are burning, and my cock is still raging hard. Why does this turn me on so much?

    “On your back!” says Madam as she steps away from me.

    I turn to lie on my back. Looking up, Madam is straddling my chest, facing my legs, and is looking down on me. I can see her legs rising to meet at her lace panties and garter belt. I cannot help but smile at the sight of such beauty.

    Madam, however, is not amused by my smile.

    “What are you smiling at?” she yells as she simultaneously strikes the underside of my erection with the riding crop.

    “Nothing, Madam,” I yelp.

    “So, you want to sniff a lady’s panties?” she says as she walks backward and places a high-heeled foot at either side of my head.

    “Yes, Madam.”

    At that, Madam squats down, reaches between her legs to grab my chain, and jerks my face into her moist crotch.

    “Go ahead then, sniff”

    My nose is pressed against the fabric of her panties, the force of her holding my chain not giving me any space to breathe. My hands rise to touch the cheeks of Madam’s rounded ass. At the first hint of my touch, she drops my head to the carpeted floor and smacks my cock again with the crop.

    “Did I give you permission to touch me?” Madam yells.

    “No, Madam,” I gasp, trying to get my breath.

    “Then keep your hands to yourself.”

    Again she pulls my chain and my face is in her crotch. I can smell the musk of her cunt, and feel the wetness of her sweat and juices on my face. She holds me there for almost a minute. My body starts to shake because I cannot breathe. I feel the chain being released and again my head hits the carpet.

    “Bone, if you do not keep still, it is going to be very unpleasant for you,” Madam says sternly.

    Gasping again for breath, I say, “I can’t breathe, Madam!”

    “Did I ask for your pathetic excuses?”

    Again the crop hits my cock. I am so hard now I feel as though I will cum gallons, but I know that if that happens now, I will be punished.

    Again I feel the strain on the chain, and my head rising for the fabric of Madam’s panties. As my nose approaches the fabric, a bright red fingernail hooks the crotch and pulls it aside, my nose getting buried in the folds of Madam’s cunt and the curls of her pubic bush.

    “Put your tongue in my cunt!”

    My tongue snakes out of my mouth and is enveloped in her pussy, getting covered in salty juices.

    “Further, Bone, put your tongue in further!”

    I strain to get my tongue in as far as I can, my nose firmly against the rosebud of her asshole. Madam starts to gyrate her hips as she fucks my tongue. Her gyrations give me a bit of space to breath, so I feel I can stay here without much trouble.

    Madam starts to move quicker and pulls my head further into her crotch, moaning about getting ready to come and then sucking her breath in as she begins her orgasm, her juices flowing from her cunt and her legs shaking uncontrollably. I can feel her muscles contracting around my tongue.

    Suddenly, my head is dropped again and Madam rises from her squat, legs still shaking.

    She starts to walk away and says, “Bone, stay.”

    I can only take that to mean to stay on the floor.

    I am busy catching my breath, still tasting her sweetness, when I hear her yell from another room, “Bone, come!”

    Since Madam is giving my commands as she would a dog, I get on hands and knees and crawl out of the room in search of my master.

    As I crawl down the hallway, Madam says, “In here, Bone.”

    I crawl into what I thought was a coat closet, but this is larger than that. It has one light bulb hanging from a cable and wood flooring. I see other chains and collars about, and then I see Madam sitting on a chair, completely naked except for the stockings, garter belt and high heels. I want to smile, but I fear my smile will get me more punishment.

    I continue to crawl towards her and she spreads her legs, letting see her wet cunt. As I get directly in front of her, I lower my eyes to the floor.

    “You may look at me.”

    “Yes, Madam.”

    I can see Madam’s wet cunt and can smell her fragrance.

    “You have done very well tonight, Bone.”

    “Yes, Madam. Thank you, Madam.”

    “Whenever you come into this house, this is the room you will come to. You will not say anything. You will take your clothing off and hang them neatly, and then you will put on whatever is laid out for you. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Madam.”

    “Since you are still in training, I will have written instructions on how to put on whatever it is that is here, do you understand?”

    “Yes, Madam.”

    “There may be others in this room. You are to ignore them and kneel at this spot on the floor.” I follow her outstretched finger to the appointed place.

    “You are to kneel here, with your head lowered, and your hands behind your back. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Madam.”

    “Do you have any questions?”

    “No, Madam.”

    “I end all of my training sessions with rewards. I decide how much of a reward you get. Hand me that box from the shelf.”

    “Yes, Madam,” I say, as I stand and reach for the box. I grasp the box and present it to Madam.

    “Step back.”

    “Yes, Madam.”

    I step back and resume my eyes forward stance, putting my hands behind my back.

    “Very good.”

    Madam opens the box and pulls out a foot long dildo, complete with veins and balls.

    “This is not for you, at least not yet.”

    Madam places the head of the dildo in her mouth and wraps her red painted lips around the thick shaft. My dick is so hard I feel as though the skin will rip apart. Madam continues to suck the dildo until at least half of it is in her mouth. I cannot believe I am watching this woman swallow this rubber cock!

    She pulls the dildo out of her mouth and says, “Now for your reward.”

    Madam places the flat end of the dildo on the floor in front of the chair. Sliding off of the chair, she holds the dildo with her right hand and spreads her cunt lips with her left. She then squats on the dildo, the same way she squatted over my face.

    Madam lowers herself onto the rubber penis, closing her eyes and gasping softly as it fills her cunt. Once she has it in her, she says, “Step forward.”

    “Yes, Madam,” I whisper.

    Madam then runs her hands up my legs, feeling the muscles. Burying her nose in my balls, she breathes deeply, taking in my scent. Her hands continue around my legs, and then gently run up my paddled ass and up my stomach and chest, stopping at my nipples.

    Pulling her head away from my cock, Madam says, “Your job is to hold off as long as you can, do you understand?

    “Yes, Madam,” I whisper again.

    At my acknowledgement, Madam again puts her head to my crotch and starts to lick my balls. She also takes my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and gently starts to massage them. As she runs her tongue up my shaft, I have to concentrate hard not blow my load.

    As her tongue flicks the head of my cock, she says, “You may touch me and look at me now.”

    I place my hands in either side of her head and gently hold them there as she places the head of my cock on her tongue and starts to slide it into her mouth. I look down and see her red lips slide all the way into my pubic hair. I moan as she deep-throats me. With her nose in my pubic hairs, Madam starts to contract her throat muscles, massaging my dick and continuing to roll my nipples in her fingers.

    I can hear her slurping on my cock, and feel her moans as she rides the rubber cock and sucks the flesh one. Madam alternates between licking my shaft and taking it to the back of her throat. She sucks my balls into her mouth and gently chews on them. I remove my hands from her head and reach down to grasp her hard nipples, pulling them and rolling them like she rolls mine.

    I have been holding off as long as I can, but my breathing becomes ragged as I near my orgasm. Madam releases my nipples and starts to stroke my penis, whispering for me to cum in her mouth. I finally reach the point of no return and shoot thick streams of cum into Madam’s mouth. She milks my cock to get it all and then pushes me away.

    Standing, Madam points a finger at me, motioning me to stay. I see her shapely ass walk out of the room. Madam returns moments later, throws my clothes at my feet, and grabs my face by the cheeks. She pulls my open mouth closer, kissing me and spitting some of my cum into my mouth at the same time.

    I am surprised by the taste of my cum, but do not protest. Madam continues to kiss me and fills my mouth with cum and her tongue, ensuring that I swallow what she has returned to me.

    As our lips separate, she whispers, “Not a word to anyone. If I find out you have talked, you will never see me again. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Madam,” I stammer.

    “Good, now get dressed and get out, I will contact you as to when your next training session will be.” She presses a quick kiss to my lips, turns on her heel and walks out, slamming the door behind her.

    I dress quietly, trying to fathom what has just happened to me. I get a rude reminder as I put my underwear and trousers on, my whipped ass still tender. I leave quickly and return home. My mom asks me how the decorating went and I say fine, and that I was going to shower.

    The hot water of the shower clears my head. When I turn my back into the stream, the hot water on my ass is another reminder of the evening. As I let the water run over my ass I reach up and rub my nipples, pinching them with my fingernails. The pain is intense and I notice my cock is again erect.

    I slowly start jerking off, letting the water run and reach back to make it hotter. I continue to stroke and soon I’m ready to shoot. As I reach my orgasm, I reach back and to slap my ass as hard as I can, striking it at the same time I spew my cum on the shower floor.

    My body jerks with pleasure as I finish milking my cock for the third time tonight. I have discovered that I enjoy pain as pleasure, and I am eagerly awaiting Madam’s next training session.
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