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    I posted this on my original thread, but then thought a new thread would be in order. I backed up a bit on the final part to give myself a running start. Now let's rejoin the continuing adventures of Madam Two and Bone, enjoy!

    I am so engrossed in the show that I do not notice Madam Two and Madam Tempest approach the row of slaves. My concentration is broken as Madam Two steps in front of me.

    Unhooking my chain, she says, “Come along.”

    Madam Tempest remarks, “He must have liked the show,” indicating the bulge in my thong.

    “Yes, he is perverted that way,” Madam Two replies.

    “You have him trained well, it’s always good for slaves to know their place in the food chain.”

    I thought we were going back to our room, but we passed it and went up another set of stairs. We finally come to a stop in front of a large wooden door. Playing her fingers over a security keypad, Madam Tempest opens the door and we enter her master suite. Immediately upon entering, I drop to my knees and crawl alongside Madam Two. Not sure why I did this, I revel in the compliment Madam Tempest pays to Madam Two about keeping me well heeled. The suite is opulent, fine artwork adorns the richly textured walls; the carpet is plush and soft. The California king sized bed is covered in dark burgundy bed linens and the head and footboards are high and sturdy. The room is so large it has its own fireplace and sitting area, the chairs being covered in fine silk brocade.

    Madam Two drops my chain and I stop crawling, assuming my kneeling position in the center of the open space between near the bed. There is a silk screen with oriental designs separating another part of the room from the main part. Madam Two and Madam Tempest go behind the screen, but I cannot hear what they are saying. I take the opportunity to look more closely at the suite, admiring the paintings and noticing some sculptures that also occupy the space.

    The Madams return from behind the screen and walk in front of me, heading for the sitting area. Madam Tempest stops suddenly and turns, straight into Madam Two’s arms. Their lips meet and soon they are embraced in a long kiss. Madam Two runs her hand up Madam Tempest’s back and through her hair, holding her head as they continue their kiss. Madam Two unhooks the lacey bra covering Madam Tempest’s gorgeous tits, letting it fall to the floor, now standing nipple to nipple. I watch with my head slightly bowed, but my eyes rolled up. Madam Tempest places her hands on Madam two’s latex stockings, feeling the material. She continues up her side using only her fingertips, and then cups Madam Two’s breasts, rubbing their nipples together.

    Breaking the kiss, Madam Tempest traces a line down Madam Two’s neck with her tongue. Upon reaching her left nipple, she takes the onyx ball in her teeth and pulls it back. Madam Two breathes in sharply as her nipple is pulled tight. Madam Tempest continues to pull and suddenly releases it, but quickly has her whole mouth over the nipple and areola, sucking it in.

    As she is sucking Madam Two’s tit, Madam Tempest runs her right hand over the crotch of Madam Two’s thong, eliciting a low moan of pleasure from my Madam. Madam Tempest releases the nipple, leaving visible mouth and teeth marks in the porcelain flesh of Madam Two’s breast. Taking Madam Two by the hand, Madam tempest leads her to the bed.

    From my position on the floor, I cannot see anything. I am forced to listen and imagine what the two Madams are doing to one another. Just listening to the smacks and slurps has my cock hard against my thong, my pre-cum coating the inside of the cock pouch.

    I am tempted to stand and watch, but instinct tells me not to. I keep my eyes up to see whatever I can, and I listen intently. I see Madam Tempest’s upper body rise above the footboard, her head thrown back. She leans back against the footboard, the edge just below her shoulder blades. She swings her arms over the back of the footboard and lets her head fall back, her eyes closed, a smile on her face. Whatever Madam Two is doing is very pleasant for Madam Tempest, because she alternately smiles, opens her mouth in delight, giggles and bites her lip. Pressing her palms against the footboard, she arches her back, bringing her tits into silhouette in the light.

    I see Madam Two’s hands cup and squeeze her tits. I notice details of Madam Tempest, her lips slightly parted, the tip of her tongue at her lips, her ears and the piercing there (three in each lobe, one in the left cartilage and two in the right cartilage). I start to imagine attaching a chain to her nipple rings and leading her by them. Then I picture myself wrapping those tits in rope, standing them out and watching as they turn purple, the nipples erect and dark, the metal rings a sharp contrast.

    My fantasy is broken when I notice Madam Tempest’s green eyes locked onto me. I make eye contact without raising my head, and we stare at one another for what seems like minutes, but in reality is only twenty or thirty seconds. The stare is broken when her eyelids begin to flutter and her eyes roll up in her head. She is starting her orgasm, arching her back and bucking around, trying to get away. I imagine Madam Two has a firm grasp on her hips to keep her from getting away. Madam Tempest presses her palms harder against the footboard, riding her orgasm until she is screaming for it to stop.

    Slowly Madam tempest sinks below the level of the footboard and all is quiet, except for heavy breathing coming from the bed. My cock is so hard now it is stretching the pouch away from belly.

    I hear a low moan coming from the bed; it is Madam Two. I instantly recognize the sound, much as a mother can tell her child’s cry from another child’s. I hear Madam Two say to ‘pull harder’, so I imagine Madam Tempest is once again working her nipple rings. Then I hear ‘yes, rub them together’, and I picture in my mind’s eye the two Madam’s nipples and rings rubbing against each other. I continue to watch the top of the footboard and soon Madam Two’s torso comes into view. She leans back as Madam Tempest did, her eyes closed and mouth open slightly. I want to continue to watch her, but something tells me to lower my eyes. I wait, seeing Madam with my peripheral vision grimace and react to what Madam Tempest is administering.

    My reverie is broken when Madam Two gasps, “Bone, come!”

    I crawl to the footboard and Madam Two grabs my head, leading my lips to hers in an upside-down kiss.

    “Stand,” she commands, and I willing oblige.

    My first view of the bed is Madam Two’s body angled toward the sheets and Madam Tempest with her head buried in Madam Two’s sweet pussy. Madam Two jerks the strings of my thong down, popping my cock from its pouch. She grabs my hips and pulls me forward, dipping her head so that she can suck my balls into her mouth. I almost explode then and there, but shake it off as her tongue dances on my scrotum. Spitting my nuts out, Madam Two opens her mouth wide and guides my cock to the opening. She pulls my hips forward and my cock slides easily past her lips, teeth and tongue, exploring the back of her throat as my nuts come to a stop on her forehead.

    She holds me there, deep in her throat, massaging the top of my cock with her tongue. She pushes me back so that she can breathe, but pulls forward again quickly. Getting the intent of her guidance, I start to thrust my hips and pound her throat. She grabs my hands and guides them to her nipples, which I grab and pull, and then twist and massage. I look down to see Madam Tempest rubbing her own clit violently while she sucks Madam Two’s clit. Judging by her convulsions, she is nearing her second orgasm of the session. I feel Madam Two’s throat starting to constrict on my cock and her body start to twitch as she nears her orgasm. Madam Tempest is the first to go over the edge, followed quickly by Madam Two. As she starts her orgasm, Madam Two pulls my cock from her mouth and strokes it. That is all I need as I shoot thick streams of semen over her neck, tits and down her belly. Her orgasm has her now, she is holding her face to the inside of my leg, biting my flesh, screaming. I hold my head back, delirious in the orgasm and pain in my leg.

    As Madam Two’s orgasm subsides, she releases my flesh and kisses the inside of my leg. Madam Tempest wiggles from under Madam Two and is busily licking my cum from her belly, working her way up Madam’s chest and neck, and then kissing her deeply to share my cum. Madam Tempest finishes her kiss with Madam Two, licks some more of my cum from her neck, and then rises up and grabs my head, kissing me and sharing my cum as she did with Madam Two. She breaks our kiss and slides back down, taking my fading cock in her mouth.

    She sucks me deeply as Madam Two sucks my balls again, and then pushes me back, sliding Madam Two back to the bed and lying on top of her, kissing her deeply.

    Stepping back up to the footboard, I watch the Madams continue to kiss. My hand rubs the bite on my inner leg, it stings at the touch of my fingers, but I don’t mind. Madam Tempest is now resting her head on Madam Two’s shoulder, gently stroking her hair as she comes back down from her orgasmic blast. Madam Two rolls her eyes toward me and says, “Come here baby.” I walk around and join the ladies on the bed, lying on my side with my arm and leg draped over the two beautiful bodies next to me. Madam Two kisses me gently, and then Madam Tempest does the same.

    We rest in this position for a while, my senses reel from the feel of the flesh and the scent of the sex, a heady mixture of sweat, cum and perfumes. I feel a hand on my limp dick and look down to see Madam Tempest stroking me back to life. Pushing me onto my back, Madam Tempest moves to my right side and Madam Two stays on my left. Both Madams take a nipple in their mouths at the same time, sucking hard and biting, holding it between their teeth and flicking it with their tongues. I breathe in sharply at the sensations. Madam Tempest begins to stroke my cock, soon joined by Madam Two. Madam Two moves her hand to my balls and squeezes them. Running her tongue down my chest, Madam Tempest makes her way to my cock, replacing her hand with her mouth.

    Sucking the head of my cock, she looks up at me and draws her lips back, showing her white teeth as she gently bites my cock. Then she slides her mouth over the head and down the shaft, nuzzling her nose in my belly. She continues this for a couple of minutes while I kiss Madam Two.

    She stops sucking and says, “I want this cock in me, now!”

    She backs away from my cock and leans down on her chest, raising her ass invitingly in the air.

    “You better hurry up,” Madam Two says, as I move behind Madam Tempest, rubbing my hands over her uplifted ass, feeling the curves under my palms.

    Madam Two moves to a sitting position against the footboard, her legs spread and her feet together in a butterfly stretch. Her hand moves to her pussy, spreading the lips and delving deep into the folds. Madam Tempest has her eyes closed and is enjoying my rubbing her ass. Madam Two makes a slapping motion with her hand and, taking the hint, I raise my hand high and slap Madam Tempest hard on the ass. She yelps but does not move away, so I apply a slap to the other cheek. I spank her a number of times, leaving her ass red with welt marks rising in the shape of my hand.

    I spread her ass cheeks and move closer to her. Taking my cock in my hand, I use it to slap her cunt, picking up speed as I hit her pussy lips and clit. I hold the head of my cock to her pussy lips and thrust my hips forward, penetrating her and feeling her warm wetness engulf me. I plant my hips against her and hold my cock in her as she squeezes her cunt muscles against my shaft.

    I look at Madam Two and she is fingering herself, moving her fingers deftly between her hole and her clit. Her other hand is busy pulling her nipple ring. I slowly start to move in and out of Madam Tempest, feeling her juices coat my cock. I look down and spread her ass cheeks again, letting a glob of spit run from my mouth to her asshole. I move my thumb to her asshole and press, the tip entering her.

    “Oh yes, that’s good. Come on, fuck me in the ass, put that cock in my assssssss.”

    Removing my cock from her pussy, I put the head at her puckered hole and spit on it some more. Pressing forward, she relaxes and my cock slips into her ass. I stop and let her adjust to me, slowly sliding more into her. I finally have my entire length in her and she seems comfortable, so I start a slow stroke. As I near to coming out of her, I stop and ram my cock back in hard, slapping my hips against the welts on her cheeks. Looking at Madam Two again, I see she is watching intently, still pulling her nipple ring and fingering herself with three fingers.

    Leaning forward, I grab Madam Tempest by the arms, just above the elbows. Pressing my thumbs on the soft flesh, I pull her arms back and lift her torso, holding her there, ramming my cock into her ass. She throws her head back and screams, telling me to fuck her harder, deeper.

    I release her arms and thrust forward at the same time, scooting her along the bed towards Madam Two. As Madam Tempest screams into the sheets, I pick up my pace and pound her ass for all I am worth.

    Panting, Madam Tempest says, “Again, lift me again!”

    I eagerly comply, once again digging my fingers into the flesh of her upper arms.

    “Ohhhhhh, Godddddddddd-damn, yes, Fuck Me! Fuck Me Hard!!!!!”

    I slam my cock into her four more times and drop her again, hearing clearly the guttural grunts as my cock brings her to impending orgasm.

    “Again, do it againnnnnnnn!”

    This time, instead of grabbing her arms, I wrap my fingers in her hair and lean back, causing her back to arch at an absurd angle. Madam Tempest opens her mouth to scream, but nothing comes forth, her eyes wide by this newest sensory assault. I see Madam Two slide down the bed, placing her pussy where Madam Tempest recently had her face planted.

    Slowly lowering her, Madam Two places her hands on either side of her head and guides to her waiting pussy. Once in place, I release my grip and Madam Two presses her face into the crotch. I place my hands on the back of her shoulders, pinning her, and slide up on my toes to apply more pressure to my thrusts.

    Madam Two and I have her pinned and smothered, taking her to oblivion. Madams Tempest starts to scream, but it is muffled, barely audible.
    Madam Tempest starts to fight against the double assault, trying to get up for air. Her legs start to quiver violently. I know she is near and redouble my efforts.

    Suddenly, Madam Two lifts her face away from her pussy, allowing her to gasp for air. At that same instant, her orgasm floods her. She clinches her asshole around my cock with such force that it stops my thrusts, forcing me unload deep inside her. We both continue our orgasms, me filling her and she wetting the sheets with her squirts.

    After many minutes of us quivering against one another, we fall to the sheets as one, my cock still clinched in her ass. We turn on our sides and Madam Two lies down facing Madam Tempest, lighting kissing her face as she gasps for air.

    “I…have…got…to…get…you…two…to…the…island!” she exclaims between gasps.

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    Another fantastic story, even though i didn't read how it begun it is still is wonderful ... a great read

    I wish i could write at least half as good as the stories that i read
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    more please!
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    i was hoping you would find a way to start this story again. great job:bigthumb:
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    God I love you :)

    I get back on for the first time in ages and what do I find? A SEXYPONY STORY!!!
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    Nice to see you again Broken :)
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    BrokenHalo returns in time for the class pic! You going to write again too BH?
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    When's the next installment? :naughty: :bowdown::wiggle::noes::drool:


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