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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by CraneTruk, Aug 9, 2004.

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    Hey guys, so I'm currently restoring/builing a 79 Suzuki LJ80. I went out and bought a cheap Mechanics suction spray gun, keepin in mind this if the first time I've even bothered completely painting a truck. And I'm not looking for an immaculate job, but I do want it to look half decent. As in, probably not gunna spray a clear coat, cause it'll just get scratched up in the bushes anyways.

    Went to spray the primer, and had a hell of a time even getting it to come out of the gun. I mixed it 1 part to 1 part thinner, like the can said, and put it in the gun. On the can, it mentioned 30-40 psi. On the gun it didnt really give an exact number, but it mentioned in the range of 40-60. But it didnt want to come out of the gun worth a shit, at any PSI, with the gun set at full volume. So I screwed with it for a long while, and finally got it set at a really low 20-25 PSI, shooting in a really semi-circle (3 inches across maybe) with the gun at full volume. Anymore preasure and it would start sputtering. So my first thought was I had an air leak around the suction part. Tried some teflon tape and machine oil on a couple spots and nothing really changed. Managed to paint the whole truck though.

    As I was cleanin the gun running thinner through it, I noticed it sprayed great.

    So could anyone with some expierence tell me what I'm doin wrong? It sprayed the thinner fine, witch I would think means maybe my mix is too thick? But I'm not sure why it would only spray it at low PSI, and sputter or spray nothing at all at high preasure. Or should I screw it all and just go out and get a gravity feed HVLP gun? I've been told the one I got now works pretty good, but I'm not sure if its defective, or if I am. :rolleyes:
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    Suction gun?

    Get a HPLV gun from harbor freight for like 30 bux - they work decent for primer and beater paint jobs.

    Make sure the primer you use is meant for that type of gun. Sounds like it's to thick.

    I'm not sure what you mean by suction gun - but for $30 there is no reason not to use a HPLV gun.
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    make sure the gun is set right :doh: im not sure of the names, but if i had the gun in my hands i could set it up for you. you need to have the pressure, fan, and fluid control knobs set perfect before you can spray the car. get a big piece of cardboard, and use that to set up the gun.

    good luck :tup:

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