Panasonic DVDCP72S 5-Disc Progressive Scan DVD Player

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by dirtysouth, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. dirtysouth

    dirtysouth Guest

    Anybody know about DVD Players...and whether this is a good buy or not??

    $179 after rebate, regular price was $249...

    I'm looking into buying it, and would greatly appreciate any thoughts...! Anybody have one, or one with similar technology?


    Any better DVD players for around the $200 price range? I keep on hearing that Sony is the one-all be-all for this necessarily true?

    As you can see, I'm quite a newbie when it comes to electronics...:(
  2. Buck-O

    Buck-O Guest

    There is one issue with Panisonic DVD players...chroma bug. Its in ALL of them, and Panisonic refuses to fix it, or even acknowledge its there really.

    The other thing about that DVD player, is that its progresive scan. If you dont have an HDTV, you have NO NEED to get a progressive scan DVD player. Unless you plan to get an HDTV some time soon. It can be turned off, for use with a regular TV...but its paying for an extra feature you'll never use if you never go HD.

    Sony does not make the best electronics. Infact, most of their stuff is pure shit. Cheap components, put together quickly. They are relativly reliable. But when it comes to audio/videophile's, Sony is no where near the top of the list on quality. Unless you start talking about Sony's ES line of products. But even then you pay a premium for the name "sony" being on it.

    Give us a list of what exactly your looking for in a DVD player, and what kind of setup you currently have, and it will help us narrow down a player that will suit your needs best.
  3. CLTypeS

    CLTypeS Guest

    This is completely false. The Panny players are just about the only dvd players without the chroma bug.

    THe Cp72 is the 5 disc version of the RP 82 which happens to have one of the best mpeg decoders and best pictures available. And if you do have progressive scan it has the Faroudja chip that does dcdi ( doesn't say it on the unit but inside its been confirmed). This chip produces one of the best pictures available. The RP 82 has been touted by many in know as the best bang for the buck dvd player. And since the CP 72 has the same mpeg decoder and deinterlacing chip it should perform the same. At the price above the CP 72 is a steal.

    Go to and do a search on these two units and you'll see. They're even better, video wise, than >$1000 units.

    Again, most of the Panasonic players DO NOT HAVE THE CHROMA BUG. The once top of the line RP91 didn't, the past bang for the buck champ RP 56 didn't, and neither does the cp 72 or the Rp 82 or the RP 62. All of Sony's even ES have the chroma bug except the first gen DVP 7000.

  4. ULTiMaX99

    ULTiMaX99 Guest

    what is the "CHROMA BUG?" and does anyone know if the cp72 or cp67 play SVCDs???
  5. CLTypeS

    CLTypeS Guest

    long story short: smaller the screen less likely you'll see it. But if you're using a large display and notice it it'll ruin your enjoyment of dvd, imho.

    But you NEED to read the following article. One of the most informative on dvd players.

    That's just on the chroma bug. Check out the rest of the article for a really good read. Then look for the special report on the Progressive scan player shootout. And check out shootout #3 for the latest dvd players. Surprisingly the Panny Rp 82, the single disc cousin of the RP 72, won the shootout.


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