Panasonic Home Theater System- How to wire?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Fess, Jul 20, 2006.

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    I bought the SC-HT940 all in one DVD surround system. I know its not the greatest system, but I got an awesome deal on it (regular $499 and got it for $325).

    I am having trouble hooking up the system with my digital cable and HDTV. The tv and dvd system hook up fine and sounds awesome, but I cant seem to get the digital cable to work with the surround sound speakers. Since the Panasonic receiver and my digital cable box only have one set of component cable inputs each, I dont know how to wire everything together directly.

    Why would Panasonic make a unit with only one set of component cable inputs??

    Is there a way to have everything hooked up together so that I dont have to change the wires every time I want to watch tv or a dvd?

    Also, since all 3 things (DVD system, TV and digital cable) have an HDMI input, which 2 should I have connected with the HDMI cable?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    your digital cable signal is probably not dolby, its probably a stereo signal. i dont know for sure though, i know very little about cable systems.

    you bought a htib, i asume? you pay for what you get, you only paid for 1 set of inputs.

    most likely, you can go to radio shack and pick up a switch.

    hook up the dvd system to the digital cable

    (i don't do home theater, i only really know pro stuff, but i hope this helps)

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