A&P Panorama Question.

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Dnepr, May 15, 2005.

  1. Dnepr

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    I took a few raw pics, for panorama. I locked the exposure so it should have been same on all of them. well that didnt work out.

    They have slightly different exposures. Is there a way in PS raw to make them all either same or close exposure automatically?

    Put 2 pics side by side, etc. Or has to be done by hand?
  2. dmora

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    well in PS CS 2 you can open multiple raw files. :hs:
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    Mar 8, 2003
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    Post and example, the sky will always have a natural gradation to it, and the sun lights from an angle
  4. to fix the sky get use the eraser. choose the spray one and get a big size. set the opacity to like 14 or lower and hit both pictures or one or the other to make a match. It's really not that hard to fix man....

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