Parallel Port-It works, But Need some Help resolving an issue

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by GisMo, Feb 25, 2004.

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    I have successfully installed a pci parallel port, and works with a printer I have. But I am current testing some other software that controls the each of the 8 databits on parallel ports LPT1 and LPT2. The built in LPT on the motherboard works flawlessly, but, the 2nd one does not work.

    The program controls LPTs directly by address of port -
    0x378 LPT1 and 0x278 - LPT2.

    And in device manager, you can change the assosciation of the LPT and com ports, So, I swapped the motherboard LPT(LPT1) with the PCI LPT(LPT2) it was now mobo-LPT2 and pci-LPT1, and it had no effect, I tested LPT1 in the program and the moboLPT(now LPT2) was activated. Now, I have found with the drivers used to control this program:

    "The swap of LPTs is logical and plays role only for the applications accessing LPTs through APIs of Windows. The driver for LPT that is installed on your PC does not pay attention to windows"

    So, is there some way to define LPT2, maybe somewhere else in device manager?

    There is always the possibility of the programming error..But I tend to stray away from that idea.

    Hope the description makes sense...
    Thanks in advance
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    I'm going to have to venture a guess that it tries to access the LPT port and it's simply not there when you refer to the actual port address. It's like turning off COM2, reassigning your modem COM port to COM2 and expecting the modem to respond when you reference the default port address (3f8 or something?)

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