SRS Parent Teacher Conferences tomorow first 'bad' conference

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Cerridwen, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Cerridwen

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    I'm NOT looking forward to this one at all. I don't like my daughter's teacher and we definetly don't see eye to eye on some things. There was very little (if anything) positive on her report card at all.
    She is NOT a bad kid. She is in third grade, and acting like a third grader.
    I've never dealt with this before. My daughter has always done excellent in school (and her test results are above average, yet she received way below average scores). I guess I'm a little nervous too :noes:
    Any tips on how to deal with this?
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    Your natural inclination will be to defend your daughter and it's quite possible that emotions could get in the way, so try and be objective, be cautious of what you say. I think you should take notes, think it over for a day and at that point respond by phone or in writing to the teacher. Your daughter may have a bad teacher, or she may just be going through a phase. Remember, these are little problems. The big problems of the teenage years are yet to emerge.
  3. Cerridwen

    Cerridwen Guest

    I am definetly willing to give the teacher the benefit of a doubt.
    However, I did talk with some other parents today and they all said exactly the same thing I am saying. One of them is even considering pulling their child out of the school!
    I guess the teacher also told all of the kids that conferences were NOT going to go well at all.
    I guess i just haven't dealt with so much negativity with a teacher before (which I'm sure I'll have to deal with again).

    edit: I like your idea about taking notes and responding later though!
  4. Hootahz314

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    How mature and adultlike to tell a bunch of 3rd graders that their conferences are not going to go well. My son has ADHD and tends to do things how he prefers to do them. He also has one hell of a time concentrating when there are a bunch of little mouths running all at once and I have yet to have his teacher make me feel like he is bad or stupid. They introduce ideas in a way that makes me feel comfortable with the decisions I am making. I love his school. In your situation, arguing with your childs teacher (being she is as immature as she sounds) could possibly make for a very unhappy year at school because the teacher might end up taking out her idiocy on your child. It sucks. Maybe one of the things you could try since it is still relatively early in the school year is switching your childs teacher. Go to the Principal and explain how you feel and how your child feels. It is the schools job while your child is there to make sure she feels safe and comfortable. They aren't upholding their end if they have a teacher working for them that humiliates her students in such a blatant manner. You have rights as a parent, might want to start looking into them. Good luck and I hope your little one's year gets better.
  5. Cerridwen

    Cerridwen Guest

    Exactly. That is why I am still unsure of how far to push it, because no matter WHAT I say there will be consequences as far as my child goes and the rest of her education this year.
    Switching teachers isn't too much of an option considering there are 3 teachers, but they all share their students (they move from classroom to classroom).
    It was mentioned to me that she does not feel medication for ADHD or ADD is neccesary (my daughter doesn't have it- but that went on another child's report card).
    This teacher has children or her own,I think she needs to start to be a mom to them and a teacher to the rest of the children.
  6. RotiEatter

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    Take a tape recorder and record it... if it is really her being a cunt, then take it her boss/the principal.

    I don't know her story, but your daughter could be doing bad or whatever too.
  7. gnat

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    She's not a doctor, sorry but I would laugh at my son's teacher if she mentioned anything about what she 'thinks' concerning medication. Then I'd proceed to ask her if perhaps there are any other areas of expertise she'd like to enlighten me on.

    Good luck though, my son had a teacher last year who I liked to start with but I ended up disliking over the course of the year. Luckily it wasn't too bad but sometimes you have to interject and don't be afraid to tell them what you think about a situation or your child's behavior.
  8. Cerridwen

    Cerridwen Guest

    I never said she wasn't ;)
    My child is a third grader. She is far from perfect, but she is far from being a trouble maker either.
    I was actually very pleasantly surprised at how conferences went. Teacher said my daughter is making a tremendous amount of progress as far as behavior goes. She was far more positive in the conference than she was on the report card!
    I will continue to closely monitor everything and see how it goes from there.
  9. GlassUser

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    Sounds like serious issues with the teacher. There may or may not be big problems with your daughter, but it sounds like you're in touch with reality on that. If I were there, I would record audio (without the teacher knowing, make sure it's okay in your state) and consider Dave's idea about holding off an immediate response. If you still think the teacher is a problem (especially if she does things like tell kids their reviews will be bad, think she has a lot of troublemakers, or makes medical advice) then get together with other concerned parents and take it up with the administration. The medical advice thing alone is a HUGE liability on the school's part, and they'll listen.

    Remember, when you see everyone as a troublemaker, the troublemaker is probably you.
  10. Cerridwen

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    I absolutely agree here. I will admit to having a pretty hot temper, which is why I am trying to handle this as best as possible. I *don't* want to be a troublemaker here. I want my daughter to get a good education and be comfortable in school.
    I was pretty defensive going into the conference (very quiet), but relaxed a little towards the end. neither my husband nor myself said very much though :o

    edit: the problems that we are having with our daughter ARE being worked on. But honestly I think they are normal kid problems. Every other parent I have talked to has gone through the same thing at one point in time.

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