Parents are building a new house, need input on amplifiers, universal remote, etc.

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    So my parents are building a new house and looking to upgrade a few things. They already have a decent home theater setup. They have a Yamaha receiver to power their 6.1 surround setup which is viewed through their Mitsubishi 62725 62" DLP TV.

    Issue 1: Four additional zones
    They are going to have 4 additional zones in the house where they want music: Bedroom, Porch, Office, and Loft. They already have outdoor speakers for their current porch so that is covered.

    Can anyone reccomend recessed ceiling speakers for the 3 other zones?
    They will also need an amplifier to power these 4 zones, any reccomendations there?

    Issue 2: Digital Media Library
    They are also interested in linking a PC to their home theater setup to have access to their digital music collection. I have an extra 1.7Ghz CPU that I built for them a few years ago that would be more than capable of serving up the audio. I already had them run RJ-45 from the office to the living room.

    However, I'm not quite sure how to interface this with the TV?
    Is Windows XP Media Center the way to go? They currently use iTunes.
    My dad would also like the ability surf the web via wireless keyboard/mouse, control the PC, etc. through the TV What's the best way of accomplishing all this?

    Issue 3: Universal Remote
    And the final request by my mother, a one touch universal remote that turns on everything she need when she wants to watch TV or a DVD. Having the ability to control lighting is also a possibility, but not a necessity.

    Cliffs:Four zones with stereo control. Ceiling recessed speakers for said zones. Digital library computer w/ ability to surf internet via TV. Universal Remote.
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    universal remote: logitech harmony, they have the regular remote ones and they have a new huge lcd screen remote for extra baller status

    if it was me i would incorporate a sonus set up for multi zone control of music, atleast to a certain extent

    • Wirelessly stream digital music and Internet radio, all over your house—in up to 32 rooms.
    • Control all your music in all your rooms from the palm of your hand with a 3.5" full-color LCD screen and scroll wheel.
    • Plug-and-play millions of songs from select music services—no ripping, downloading or PC required.
    • Liberate the digital music that's stored on your PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage box.
    • Play the same song in different rooms or different songs in different rooms. Simultaneously

    im not saying this will fill your needs but its something you should be aware of, its been well reviewed by a lot of magazines/publications including stereophile.

    along with sonus there are other ways to go about doing it, you can basically a do a y adapter setup and just split the signal so lets say..

    you have zone 2, y-adapted RCAs to go to amps doubling the channels of zone 2 from 2 to 4, you can even use multiple y adapters, sure its a little ghetto rigged i guess bit it does the job

    outlaw audio has cheap amps

    but yeah i am a huge advocate of the sonos, you can generate what like 32 zones from it? and its controlled from wifi so you can access your music from any room in the house, i think one of the drawbacks is low battery life so some rechargeables might be a good investment.

    as far as speakers go there are a lot of different choices

    paradigm, RBH,Klipsch, etc all have good in walls, i dont really follow in walls all that much so you will have to ask someone as about specifics on this one
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    you can link your whole house using wifi instead of cables including lights, it uses the internet and has an ip like a router. So you can assign 225 devices to the ip including host. this will let you wireless access your computer from many devices including most new tvs. make sure you use the usb hub otherwise you wouldn't get many devices. here is one example you could look at
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    I cannot find bandwidth/SQ ratings for the Sonus products.

    usb allows 256 devices. One of them is always the root hub.
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    rest of review on other pages in there, that is just the measurements page :dunno:

    i wont say other methods wont work but the sonos method makes atleast the music control very easy
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    another thing they could do if they have a bit of money is to get a automated set up such as this:

    if they are interested in making everything balla and controllable you might as well do it with a real home integration company

    (if theyre rich mofos:
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    Where the Green Grass Grows
    One of my friends has 2 of these in the ceiling of his patio and they sound pretty good for what they are. I think if you parents just want a little background music they should work very well. When you do turn them up as well the sound excellent.
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    114 loss in a simple loop? impressive.

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