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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by vibit, Jun 12, 2005.

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    Can someone explain to me how being consistently late for meetings (and even being reprimanded for that and yet still continuing to do so), is considered being passive-agressive? I think I may be? People have told me that I don't stand up for myself and am a major pushover that even my own friends take advantage of me without knowing so (One friend told me that I'm a total Ned Flanders). I have been in a rape situation in the past as well. Recently, I've been suspecting that I've been trying to "compensate" by being more argumentative and tend to sort of lash out inconsistently. Is this considered a negative thing? Am I trying to compensate for my past? What goes on in my mind is "I'm not going to get stepped on ever again...and I'm not going to let people belittle me anymore?"
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Your friends are right you are a pushover, just looking at the way you write , doubting here, doubting there, means that you can never say ' i believe in this, and will stick my hands in the fire to defend it'

    Look , you are a wonderfull personality and you shouldn't change that BUT, i will teach you the art of defense and confront ,

    Now imagine yourself as a castle, that needs to be defended. All your (statements) can be considered as the bricks of the foundation of your castle. The drawbridge is used for letting positive things in and out, and the walls are used to defend yourself against nastyness. Your personality should be like a castle, thats very important. The ability to say ' Stop to here and no further' , the ability to say ' they have more reason to be scared of me, then i off them ' the ability, to stand up for what you believe in and what you fight for in life is absolutely dead crusial for your succes in life.

    Winners ALWAYS believe in themselves.

    Instead of letting life walse over you , you walse over life, and all its factors, along with that you have to patch your self-esteem up, with accomplishing things, starting small, gaining confidence, and then being able to build that confidence up.

    Life is like a blazing fire, to which you say' i will walk thru you, no matter how much i get burned ' , from falling and standing up that is how you learn.

    You just lashing out to people is hurtfull and makes no sense, its a pitiful way to defend yourself, look, you don't want to be a nasty personality.

    The reason , and the meaning of life is that we are here on earth to love and help eachother, everything that you do must show a loving intereaction with your fellow man , this rape thing of yours has caused a *jaw lock* and its hard to start building up from that position again, basically you are standing onto ruins, and you have to build up your walls with strong statements and facts where you believe in and that you are willing to defend. That should be a primairy start.

    Can someone explain to me how being consistently late for meetings (and even being reprimanded for that and yet still continuing to do so),

    Coming late causes irritation to the other, someone expects and it is not forfilled, if you put yourself into someone elses shoe who is waiting for you and thinking how that person would feel about it, should give you some insightfull considering of the irritation that it causes.

    If your friends tell you that you are a pushover Ned Flanders, you will say to them that you are Ned Flanders from Hell who is going to use them to clean your teeth.

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