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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by SoySauciAl, Apr 30, 2006.

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    anyone ever burnt paint with a pc before? i got some scratches on the hood of my car.. not too deep but you can feel with your finger nails. i already hand buffed it with 3m super duty rubbing compound then hand polished it with meguiars. my PC should be coming in the mail soon along with ssr2.5 and optimum polish. just making sure i dont go overboard and burn the paint.. well i dont really care anyways since if i do, i will repaint.
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    only way i could think of burning paint with a PC is with a wool pad. The point of a PC is to keep it simple for users that is why its dual action and not just a rotary
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    Like he said, about the only way to do it would be with a wool pad, and some seriously harsh compound. THen you would have to sit there ont eh paint, applying lots of pressure, and rubbing it back and forth like a fiend, before it actually burned.

    As long as you stick with oproper technique, and lighter polishes, you should be fine.
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    You may get some marring if you use a compound and a cutting pad but it polishes out when you step down to a polish and a polishing pad.

    Liked the others said, since a PC doesn't rotate at a high speed, it won't burn your paint.

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