pc caught some lightning from a recent storm

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Tk, Jul 14, 2003.

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    this guy at work recently had lightning strike his shit TWICE in 1 week.

    anyways, fried his modem. so i ordered a new modem for him and he wanted a new floppy drive too because when the pc booted it said that it couldnt recognize it. anyhow, he ordered the new floppy as well and its giving him the same error, that it can't recognize the floppy drive. its weird because the error comes up as the pc is loading and there is no disk in the drive, it just tells you and you have to hit a key to continue. i dunno ive just never seen the error before.

    along with that he said he doesnt have any sound coming out of his speakers. he said the green light turns on but no sound. i dunno, that could be a couple things but who knows. i told him id ask about it and at least try to figure it out.

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    Did he try playing fix it and reverse the floppy cable? And did the MB reset the setting for the floppy drive (make sure it's on 1.44)

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