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    So, I will be getting one of two LSI RAID controller cards.
    1) MegaRAID SAS 8408E link here
    2) MegaRAID SAS 8208ELP link here

    The first one (8408E) connects via PCI Express 1.0a compliant (on an x8 lane width) while the second (8408ELP) connects via PCI Express x4. I am planning a new build and will be using these for storage while having another SATA drive as my system/program drive.

    It is my understanding that either controller card will plug in fine into a PCI-Ex8 slot (in other words, a PCI-Ex4 will plug into an x8 slot and both plug into an x16 slot). Is this correct??

    (My reason for asking is that I would like to start figuring out exactly what I am getting but am not sure which RAID controller I will be getting (getting it free, depends on availability) so unsure as to motherboard requirements).

    Also, if I can plug either into a higher width PCI-E slot (ie: PCI-Ex16) and I get a mobo with 2 PCI-Ex16 slots, will there be any problems with having a video card in one slot and the RAID controller in the other?
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    A 1x will work in a 4x.

    One caution I could think of to watch for, is that not many motherboards have true x16 on both slots.

    Quite a few have x16 on the first one, and x4 on the second one.

    And on some of those boards, the x4 pipeline is shared with the x1 slots on the board.

    So if you plug your x4 adapter into the 16(x4) slot, it will disable the x1 slots.

    That's not something which would effect your sas card, but is something you should be aware of.

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