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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ILuvMtnDew, Jan 8, 2005.

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    Okay, so in a few months I'll be doing a minor upgrade to my machine. Right now it's got an Asus A7N8x motherboard with an AMD XP 2000+. So I'm looking for the opinion of a few others on two issues I'm having:
    1) Should I upgrade the mobo/cpu to an Intel 540 or an AMD 64 3200+??
    2) Is PCI Express really worth it at the moment? I mean my current vid card is a Radeon 9800XT 256MB. I don't think PCI Express will be economical for another year or so...and I already have an amazing AGP video card

    So OT, what'cha think??
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    Well, a 6600GT is around $190, and that card will kick the crap outta your 9800. whether it's worth the price to you, or not, is your call.

    Buttttt your system is otherwise dated. So if you wanna do this as inexensively as possible, I say go with the AMD 939 and an nForce3 mobo so you can keep your video card.

    However, I think an Intel D915PBLL and the Intel 540 (I say swing for the 550, tho) with a 6600GT is your best bet. It has a much brighter future than your 9800 -- especially with pixelshader 3.0 -- something that no ATi card has, yet.

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