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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 93nx1.6, Oct 31, 2004.

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    I am looing at getting a PDA for my birthday and need some help.
    I was lookin at the Tungsten E because it has all the right features( Word,Excel,Outlook and Mp3 player) But I read that it has alot of problems. is there one that has the same features for around $200 to $350?
    Also what kind f memory do they use SD or CF?
    I was looking at the Axim and the HP's But really didnt see any feedback on them,

    Thanks Clinton
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    Nov 30, 2003
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    Personally dude - I am big into PDA's - actually - last year i was - now i don't get a chance to use mine that much - but meh - once i get settled into my house - i'll use it again more (i got a good program for it for keeping track of school work - called 'due yesterday' - its free)

    the delll axim's are ok - but they are pocket pc's - now i'm sorry - its cool and all - but come on - it runs on a windows based opperating system! ugh - no thanks

    stick with the original OS the one that has only gotten better - Palm OS

    Now i don't know about you personally - but me - i don't like to waist money as much as possible.

    So what i did - when i thought about getting a PDA - was get a cheap older one - and played with that - and saw if it was for me. Now i also went really cheap - i got a Palm V pda - it had a screen that had problems with the touchscreen. - no biggy - $5 later - and some instructions/patience - i was able to dissasemble a palm V and put in a new digitizer (the glass front)

    used that guy for 2 months - sold it with a $5 keyboard i bought on ebay (very nerdy - but you get lots of "ooooohhhhhs" when you whip out this thing thats about the size of two decks of cards - and you turn it into a full sized keyboard!) - sold the palm V for $45 on ebay

    i went out and got myself a Tungsten T2 (i loved the sliding action! - its jsut cool)

    Here is my reccomendations: get a palm V or Vx - see if you can stand the size of that - the palm V and Vx were the thinnest PDA's that palm made with a nice sized screen (the tungsten E took after the V's style and size because of its popularity)

    if you want a color screen to begin with (the V and Vx do have an indiglow background if you hold the power button down - didn't find out bout that trick till i had been playing with it for almost 2 months! lol) - but if you want a color screen - i reccomend you take a look at the palm IIIc - yes the palm III was an old line, but the IIIc is the nicest cheap palm branded color screen pda you will find (i got one for a friend on ebay for $30 - came with original box and software and all - lol - great deal)

    If you want to spend more money - here are my opinions (in case you didn't know - i have a bit of knowledge with PDA's - since i repaired them for a while and resold them for some college spending cash last year)

    - Palm Zire 71: yes they have the zire 72 out - but limited improvements - actually worse digital camera (which is the only reason to get that guy - if ya want that sorta thing)

    - Palm Tungsten T2 - nice pda - something like a 333mhz processor, mp3 - BLUETOOTH (i love bluetooth) - its a better version of the Tungsten T

    - Palm Tungsten T3 - wish i had gotten this one - its like the T2 - however - instead of that area where you write text being perminately there - it is actually part of the screen! - you can minimize it - or do all sorts of crazy stuff - heck - i think it has an outuput to hook it up to a projector for doing powerpoint presentations directly from that sucker!

    Only con's to the Tungsten T2 and T3? weight and thickness - going from the palm V where in its case i could put it in my cargo pant's leg pockets - and never really notice it being there

    my T2 has taken up perminate residence in my bookbag

    Now - what about the Tungsten E?

    - Nice smaller size - good large screen. It has been called the "closest to being a pure PDA that you can find" by some idiot i can't remember right now (how 'pure' is it if it is an mp3 player as well?? lol) - however the reasons why i didn't pick the Tungsten E when i was looking at PDA's? Lack of Bluetooth and vibrating alert (i am pretty sure it didn't have vibrating alert) - i even think it doesn't have an expansion slot on it!!!

    If you want a top notch PDA - in my opinion either get the Palm Tungsten T3 or the new Palm Tungsten T5 - its like the Tungsten E - but has alot of more powerful features.

    hopefully htats some good info for ya
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    If you are that scared of Windows Technology. And the ONLY thing you want to do is keep Personal Data on it, then go with a Palm and take that dudes advice... Like he said "how 'pure' is it if it is an mp3 player as well??" Even PalmOne itself is talking about using Windows Mobile on their upcoming models of Treo Smartphones and dropping the Palm OS altogether...

    As far as Pocket PC's are concerned, they can do anything and everything a Palm can do and more. If you want comparisons between the two just ask specific questions...

    In your case, I would go for one of the newer iPaqs like a 4100 or a rx3700. or the Dell X50 is nice.

    If ya really want to get good reviews or info on all of the available Palm and PocketPC handhelds on the market, go to a site that is strictly dedicated to handhelds like www.brighthand.com www.pdastreet.com www.pdalive.com etc. and read for yourself so you can make your own educated decision. I have been designing, repairing, and using handheld systems for at least the last 15 years and have migrated to PocketPC exclusively around 4 years ago.

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