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    Bill Pearl:

    "I started weight training for self defense. I knew my brother, who was three years older than me, was going to pound on me every day like clockwork. It was like the old Charles Atlas ads about getting sand kicked in your face. I wanted to get bigger and stronger so there would be payback. I owe this whole thing to my brother for pounding on me."

    "You have got to take time out every week and devote it to yourself. If you dont take time for yourself, Mother Nature is giong to take it away from you and you'll never get it back. I will give the world 22 hours a day, but I'm not going to give it 24."

    "If you never miss a workout, you'll never stop training."

    "I train six days per week for a couple hours per day, and I try to get in three total-body workouts per week. I don't let the age factor into it."

    "I feel that if I need to use wraps, I should'nt be lifting that kind of weight."

    "Anytime something negative or any kind of doubt comes into your mind with an exercise program, get off the program because you arent' going to make progress."

    "If we think bad thoughts, bad reactions will take place. If you're having trouble at home or with your family life or your kids, it's because of negative vibrations. It's your attitude."

    "Everything I have ever owned has come from bodybuilding."
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