Pentium II upgrade????

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cudacoupe, Jan 19, 2003.

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    My friend has an older Pentium II with the 266 mhz processor. I have the Pentium II 350mhz chip that I would like to put in his but when I did it is still recognizing the 266 and not the 350. This is a Gateway comp and im not sure if there is a configuration on the motherboard for a multiplier like there is on my Giga-byte board. Anyone know???? Thanks
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    266 is quite old. It might actually not be able to recognize a faster cpu than 333 (I think that was the limit for the LX chipset, but I can't remember and am definitely too lazy to look it up for you). Also, you're right in that the motherboard may indeed need a jumper change, although I'd first check if you can get into the bios and change it there (try hitting F1 or Del when you startup).

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