People are clueless(customers) and need people like scottwax etc to show what it take

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by quamen, Dec 22, 2003.

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    I was thinking back to when i first started detailing for a shop and seeing cars detailed by other shops. Most shops do not have the man power/ time to do the right job on a car for complete details. I remember in jersey we would get like 150-200 and up for a car to detail. Well they had so many all the time and not enough guys the shit would be rushed and customers thought it was a great job. It wasnt cause the shit was covered up somewhat, so swirls were hidden, stuff really not cleaned well but dressed to look like it.

    Also remeber seeing another shops work in jersey i forget the name. Anyways they did a car detail on this pontiac. The customer thought it was great, it was so bad. It was still swirled, the leather seats were se greasy , the sterring wheel and shifter was even. It was horrible. The floors were still wet. They did a great job on the carpet, but they were wet as hell. The tire wet looked really cheap and shitty. The dash was blinding from all the stuff they put on it. Costs like 150 bucks and she loved it. I just was thinking when customers see cars like scottwax's work or the others on this board, they must flip out and cant believe there eyes. no swirl marks, such a shine it is sick, dry clean carpets etc.

    As a business stance. There was this barber shop, yes barber shop and everoyne seemed to go there. Many shops around but pepople used to line up at this shop and sometimes wait 2 hours to get a haircut. I said why? I had to check it out. Well i went and have went there for like 4 years. Best cleanest haircut i have ever cut. Fresh razor shave with every cut, and the cuts were amazing. The guys had so much talent and took pride in there work it was crazy. They had mirrors on both sides of the room. To determine how the cut u got looked right from a distance as well. Each cut or shapeup took at least 25-30 mintues. Most haircuts take what 5-10?

    I went outside and saw the owner's cars. Mercedes benz SUv brand new with 22" chrome wheels and the other co owner had a benz clk with 19" rims. I was like hmm how they get the money. They only charged 12 dollars as well for the cut and most people tipped 5 dollars and up. They were so precise and took so much pride they mad a monopoly on the business and ran other cut shops out. They could have charged more and the same people would still have came back. Most came back every week or so cause it was a relaxion process as well for alot of them with the shave and all, at least for me.

    So yeah this is a car detailing forum, but this was an example. If you mobile detailers no matter how small u are, do a great job as in scottwax's work and others, people will keep u busy forever. Word of mouth i beleive is the best advertisement ever. Cause you know when u see a great looking clean car you ask who detailed it or whatever. These big shops yeah there making money, but the one i worked for closed down and they were always busy. It seemed most were one time customers maybe satisified unitl it rained and the tru picture was prevealed, or if the floor was wet, or inside smelling like a chemical factory.

    Do top of the line work on every project, ull prosper period! people will see and respect you and your work. you can charge alot more to, and they wont think twice about chosing you.
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    I've always thought it is easier to simply do good work and get repeat and referral business than to just do the minimum and have to advertise all the time.

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