SRS Personality changes.. or just material?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by TonyMontana, Mar 6, 2007.

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    OK, so recently I have just sort of noticed myself changing. I cant really describe it but I can tell you its been basically stuff that has had an impact on my life and I cant figure out why im doing this. Im not saying I dont like the person Im becoming but I feel the need lately to play the part of a "tough guy" I guess and I feel this need everday. Normally I am pretty introverted and quiet and conservative, well at least I used to be. Recently I have been parting alot (without drugs, just drinking more than I used too) bought a new car to replace my old one which I didnt feel was 'flashy' enough. got a tattoo and changed my wardrobe. I spent some time recently to sort of catch up with myself and Im trying to figure out why I did all this. Anyoen have any idea?
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    You are doing what a lot of prisoners also do, they want to look tough in order to get respect from the people in their enviroment.

    In reality this is a form of spiritual weakness, this because if you were a strong person characterwhise you could care less about what other people think of you. You'd be your own judge,jury and executor. Do you really need other people's opinions to justificate your own existance? To be so afraid of what others say and think of you, that you allow them not only to change the course of your life,but also to mold you in something that you are not.

    There's a few interesting sides and dangers to it. The booze is making you feel less introverted, and although its rather mechanical for you that's a good thing,in terms that locking yourself up like a hermit isn't good neither. However moderation is the key , if you go over the top you'll lose yourself.

    Physically the appearance change will definatly effect other people, since most people are shallow and superficial they will most certainly react to the change in visuals that you display to them. As i was referring to the prisoners, a lot of gang members go a way like this ,even more hardcore then you are currently going,killing and using drugs to prove themselves.Juveniles for instance that go wrong in LA are being displayed the corpses of gang members and shown that dead they aren't so though any more by LA police. Im not saying you are like that but i always use 'stretched out' examples of a situation so a good idea of one extreme to another arises to get a clear picture of the bigger whole in difference that it makes.

    So as said you know spiritually it doesn't make any sense for you to do all of this, the only benefit as said as an exeption on that is it gets rid of most of the introvertness that can really put your life on a halt if not dealt with. But for the rest i would advice you not to change your lifestyle for how others view you.

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